ISSN: 1522-5658
Indices: Titles I–P

I Agree, But Do Not Neglect the Population Question, by Charles Harper. Supplement Series 4 (2008)

“I Object to the Names Deism and Infidelity”: Theodore Parker and the Boundaries of Christianity in Nineteenth-Century America, by Benjamin E. Park. Volume 15 (2013)

I Read the Document Differently, by James R. Cunningham. Supplement Series 4 (2008)

Identity and the Process of Identification: An Introduction, by Ronald A. Simkins. Supplement Series 13 (2016)

Ideology in Biology: Theism Meets Atheism in the Case of Abiogenesis, by Marc Ruffinengo and Anthony Walsh. Volume 23 (2021)

“If We Don’t Do It, No One Will”: Some Sociological Considerations on the Ukrainian Greco Catholic Church in Canada, by Richard Rymarz. Volume 16 (2014)

Immigration: A Faithful Approach to Matters of Citizenship, by Kristin E. Heyer. Supplement Series 4 (2008)

The Impact of Religiosity on Personal Financial Decisions, by Dan W. Hess. Volume 14 (2012)

The Impact of Shared Religious Affiliation on the Rate of Currently Divorced in the United States in 1990 and 2000, by Larry C. Mullins, Kimberly P. Brackett, Nelya J. McKenzie, and Donald W. Bogie. Volume 11 (2009)

Implication of Religious Leaders in Mimetic Structures of Violence: The Case of Rwanda, by Vern Neufeld Redekop and Oscar Gasana. Supplement Series 2 (2007)

The Importance of Being Samaritan in the Gospel of Luke, by Dennis Hamm, S.J. Supplement Series 13 (2016)

In Memoriam: Memory and Imitation in Augustine and Athanasius, by Zachary B. Smith. Supplement Series 15 (2018)

In Search of a Vision of Hope for a New Century, by Ernst M. Conradie. Volume 1 (1999)

In the Eye of the Storm: Bill Clinton, the Culture War, and the Politics of Religion, by David B. Cohen and John W. Wells. Volume 9 (2007)

In the Presence of Beauty and Mercy: Marian Devotion in Los Angeles, by Wendy M. Wright. Supplement Series 8 (2012)

The Incompatibility of Christianity with Racism and Capitalism, by Matt Kappadakunnel. Volume 23 (2021)

Indigenous Healing in Southwestern Zimbabwe: Doing the Work of the Ancestors, by Sue Schuessler. Supplement Series 7 (2011)

Individual Religiosity and Social Trust in the U.S., 2004, by Craig Wiernik. Volume 23 (2021)

An Innovator, by Any Other Name: The Mujaddid and the Rhetoric of Islamic Renewal, by R. Brian Siebeking. Supplement Series 18 (2019)

Inquiry for Action: The Latin American Church and the Social Sciences Post Vatican II, by Thomas M. Kelly. Supplement Series 11 (2015)

Inside Out not Outside In – A Change of Attitude for All: A Self Advocate’s Vision for Those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, by Kareem Elbard. Supplement Series 12 (2015)

Interdisciplinary Engagement, Productive Dialogues, and Emerging Insights, by Jill O’Brien. Supplement Series 11 (2015)

An Interpretive Model of Privileged Contempt: Understanding Disdain Toward Those of Lower Status, from Ancient Israel to the New American Politics, by Matthew J. M. Coomber. Supplement Series 23 (2021)

Introduction: Augustine on Heart and Life: Essays in Memory of William Harmless, S.J., by John J. O’Keefe. Supplement Series 15 (2018)

Introduction: The Bible, the Economy, and the Poor, byRonald A. Simkins. Supplement Series 10 (2014)

Introduction: Business, Faith, and the Economy of Communion, by Andrew Gustafson and Celeste Harvey. Supplement Series 22 (2020)

Introduction: Catholic Intellectual Tradition and University Mission, by John J. O'Keefe. Supplement Series 6 (2011)

Introduction: Catholics and Sport in Global Context, by Patrick Kelly, S.J. Supplement Series 20 (2019)

Introduction: The Contexts of Religion and Violence, by Ronald A. Simkins. Supplement Series 2 (2007)

Introduction: Faithful Citizenship: Principles and Strategies to Serve the Common Good, by Dennis Hamm, S.J. Supplement Series 4 (2008)

An Introduction: The Legacy of Lynn White, Jr., in Religion and the Environment, by Ronald A. Simkins. Supplement Series 3 (2008)

Introduction: The Greeing of the Papacy, by John J. O'Keefe. Supplement Series 9 (2013)

Introduction: Religion and Globalization, by Ronald A. Simkins and Zachary B. Smith. Supplement Series 16 (2018)

Introduction: Religion and Justice, by Ronald A. Simkins. Supplement Series 21 (2020)

Introduction: Religion and the New Politics, by Ronald A. Simkins. Supplement Series 23 (2021)

Introduction: Religion and Politics, by Zachary B. Smith. Supplement Series 14 (2017)

Introduction: Religion and Reform, by Zachary B. Smith. Supplement Series 18 (2019)

Introduction: Religion and Secularism, by Patrick Murray. Supplement Series 17 (2018)

Introduction: Religion and the Sciences, by Thomas M. Kelly. Supplement Series 11 (2015)

Introduction: Religion and the Visual, by Wendy M. Wright. Supplement Series 8 (2012)

Introduction: Religion, Health, and Healing, by Barbara Dilly and Alexander Rödlach. Supplement Series 7 (2011)

Introduction: Religious History and Culture of the Balkans, by Nicolae Roddy. Supplement Series 19 (2019)

Introduction: The Search for an Ethically Sound Approach to Caring for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, by Jos V. M. Welie and William F. Sullivan. Supplement Series 12 (2015)

Investigating the Syncretism of Catholicism and Voodoo in New Orleans, by Anthony M. J. Maranise. Volume 14 (2012)

Is Monotheism Particularly Prone to Violence? A Historical Critique, by Daniel Timmer. Volume 15 (2013)

Is Personal Insecurity a Cause of Cross-National Differences in the Intensity of Religious Belief?, by Tomas James Rees. Volume 11 (2009)

Is Rodney Stark Correct on the Reasons for the West's Economic Success? A Review Essay, by Rumy Hasan. Volume 18 (2016)

Is the Catholic Church Ready for Another Reformation? by Marianne Ferguson. Volume 5 (2003)

Is the Roman Catholic Prohibition of Female Priests Sexist? How Catholic College Students Think about Women’s Ordination and Sexism, by Michael J. Maher, Linda M. Sever, Shaun Pichler. Volume 9 (2007)

Islam and Assimilation in the West: Religious and Cultural Ingredients in American Muslim Experience, by John H. Morgan. Volume 16 (2014)

Islam and Christianity: One Divine and Human Language or Many Human Languages, by Thérèse-Anne Druart. Volume 9 (2007)

Islamic Perspectives in Post-revolutionary Tunisia: The Work of Olfa Youssef, by M. Amine Tais. Volume 17 (2015)

Israelite Aniconism and the Visualization of the Tabernacle, by Mark K. George. Supplement Series 8 (2012)

“Israel’s Return to Zion”: Jewish Christian Scientists in the United States, 1880-1925, by Rolf Swensen. Volume 15 (2013)

“It’s Not About Me”: Priests’ Perception of Occupational Meaning, by Corinne Lally Benedetto. Volume 8 (2006)

Jerusalem in the Crusades: “Crescent and Cross,” Kingdom of Heaven, and the Fall of the City in 1099 and 1187, by Eileen Dugan. Supplement Series 2 (2007)

Jesuit Values & Alternative Dispute Resolution: Parallels and Challenges to Alternative Dispute Resolution Scholarship and Education, by Ran Kuttner. Volume 13 (2011)

Jesus for Jews: The Unique Problem of Messianic Judaism, by Faydra Shapiro. Volume 14 (2012)

Jewish Identity and Religious Commitments in the American Midwest: Results of a Limited Study on Interfaith Upbringing, by Zachary B. Smith, with Ashley Young. Supplement Series 16 (2018)

Jewish-Muslim Relations, Globalization, and the Judeo-Islamic Legacy, by Atif Khalil. Volume 17 (2015)

Jihad and Terrorism: An Alternative Explanation, by M. Moniruzzaman. Volume 10 (2008)

Jihad and the Sect: Sunni and Shia Interpretations of Striving in the Path of God, by Adib Abdulmajid. Volume 23 (2021)

John A. Ryan and the American Eugenics Society: A Model for Christian Engagement in the Age of “Consumer Eugenics,” by Charles McDaniel. Volume 22 (2020)

Just Immigration and the Social Gospel, by Anne M. Blankenship. Supplement Series 21 (2020)

Just War from a Legal Perspective, by Michael J. Kelly. Supplement Series 4 (2008)

Justice-Abuse in the Catholic Church, by Michael G. Lawler and Todd A. Salzman. Supplement Series 21 (2020)

Justification and Justice: Reading Paul with the Economically Vanquished, by Brigitte Kahl. Supplement Series 10 (2014)

Keeping Custody of the Eyes: Dangers of the Gaze in Augustine’s Consideration of Visual Image, by Robin M. Jensen. Supplement Series 15 (2018)

Kephalē, Coverings, and Cosmology: The Impenetrable “Logic” of 1 Corinthians 11:2-16, by Susan Calef. Supplement Series 5 (2009)

A Kinder, Gentler Teaching of Contempt? Jews and Judaism in Contemporary Protestant Evangelical Children’s Fiction, by Mark Stover. Volume 7 (2005)

Konfessionsbilder: The Process of Enforcing Confessional Identity in Early Modern Lutheran Territories, by H. Ashley Hall. Supplement Series 13 (2016)

Latino Attitudes Toward Abortion and Marriage Equality: Examining the Influence of Religiosity, Acculturation, and Non-Response, by Regina Branton, Ana B. Franco, Jim Wenzel, and Robert D. Wrinkle. Volume 16 (2014)

“The Leprosy of Lynch Law” A Jesuit Exchange in La Civiltà Cattolica, by Julia Fleming. Supplement Series 21 (2020)

The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement in Britain: Mobilization and Opposition, by Stephen Hunt. Volume 4 (2002)

Lessons from the American Rabbinic Experience: What Muslim Clergy Need to Know!, by John H. Morgan. Volume 12 (2010)

Lessons from Srebrenica: The Danger of Religious Nationalism, by Noreen Herzfeld. Supplement Series 2 (2007)

Liberating Domesticity: Women and the Home in Orthodox Judaism and Latin American Pentecostalism, by Jonathan L. Friedmann. Volume 10 (2008)

Liberation Psychology from an Islamic Perspective: Some Theoretical and Practical Implications of Psychology with a Telos of Justice, by Sarah Huxtable Mohr. Volume 21 (2019)

Life, Design, and Drama: A Theological Response to Evolutionary Naturalism, by John F. Haught. Supplement Series 11 (2015)

The Limits of Secularization through Education, by Robert L. Bertrand. Volume 17 (2015)

Listening to Gay Prayers: An Analysis of Prayers from an LGBTQ Church, by William D. Young. Volume 22 (2020)

Listening to Indigenous Values and Practices in Health: Expanding the Boundaries of Decision Making and Care, by Brian F. McCoy, S.J. Supplement Series 7 (2011)

Local History of a Charismatic Catholic Base Community during the Pinochet Dictatorship: The Dios con Nosotros Community, 1973-1983, by Fabián Gaspar Bustamante Olguín. Volume 17 (2015)

Love Actually: Modeling Amor in Augustine’s De catechizandis rudibus, by Michael Cameron. Supplement Series 15 (2018)

Lord of Lark and Lightning: Reassessing Celtic Christianity's Ecological Emphases, by Bruce Martin. Volume 6 (2004)

A Loss for Words: Sounding the Depth of What We Profess in College English, by Vincent Casaregola. Supplement Series 6 (2011)

The Lost Sheep: Experiences of Religious Gay Men in Havana, Cuba, by Michael J. Maher. Volume 9 (2007)

Lot's Wife Looked Back: The Enduring Attractions of Sodom for Biblical Commentators, by John Barclay Burns. Volume 4 (2002)

Luxury: Sign of the Beast, or of the Blessing? by Kent Van Til. Supplement Series 10 (2014)

The Making and Unmaking of Prejudice: An Interchange between Psychology and Religion, by Wioleta Polinska. Volume 11 (2009)

The Malediction of a “False Idea of Freedom”, by Angus Sibley. Volume 23 (2021)

María Atkinson and the Rise of Pentecostalism in the U.S. - Mexico Borderlands, by Hector Avalos. Volume 3 (2001)

The Martyrdom of Monseñor Angelelli: The Popular Creation of Martyrs in Twentieth-Century Argentina, by Renata Keller. Volume 12 (2010)

Marx and the Bible: José Miranda’s Critique of the Philosophy of Oppression, by James Mark Shields. Volume 10 (2008)

Marx and the Gospel of John, by Roland Boer. Volume 12 (2010)

Meaning, Purpose, and Hope: Reflections on Religion, Spirituality, and Life of Leaders Behind Bars, by Taj Alexander Mahon-Haft, John Doxey, and William J. Cook, Jr. Volume 21 (2019)

Mediating Islam: Representation and Muslim Identity, by Kristian Petersen. Supplement Series 13 (2016)

A Metaphysical Rocket in Gotham: The Rise of Christian Science in New York City, 1885-1910, by Rolf Swensen. Volume 12 (2010)

Methodism and Aggressive Christianity: The Detroit Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church and the US Occupation of the Philippines (1898-1903), by Matthew T. Herbst. Volume 7 (2005)

Mission Trips, Culture and Causality: A Proposal to Re-Think How North Americans Religiously Engage the World, by Thomas M. Kelly. Supplement Series 16 (2018)

The "Modern Martyrdom" of Anglo-Catholics in Victorian England, by Dominic Janes. Volume 13 (2011)

Monks and Empire: Asceticism and Political Disengagement in Late Antiquity, by Zachary B. Smith. Supplement Series 14 (2017)

Moral Education beyond the Secular and Sacred Dichotomy, by Kimlyn J. Bender. Volume 9 (2007)

Muhammad’s Jewish Wives: Rayhana bint Zayd and Safiya bint Huyayy in the Classic Islamic Tradition, by Ronen Yitzhak. Volume 9 (2007)

Muslims, Fundamentalists, and the Fear of the Dangerous Other in American Culture, by David Harrington Watt. Volume 12 (2010)

The Myth of the Burning Times and the Politics of Resistance in Contemporary American Wicca, by Glenn Wm. Shuck. Volume 2 (2000)

The Myth of the Catholic Vote: The Influence of Ideology and Theology on Catholics in Presidential Elections, 1972 – 2008, by Donald L. Davison and Michael A. Krassa. Volume 13 (2011)

The Narcissistic Reader and the Parable of the Good Samaritan, by Philippa Carter. Volume 5 (2003)

The Natural World: A Sacramental Understanding, by Joseph H. J. Leach. Volume 9 (2007)

Negotiating Boundaries: Israelites and Canaanites Receive Help from a Russian, by Charles William Miller. Volume 12 (2010)

Negotiating Empowerment: A Critical Ethnography of Hijabi Women in Sarajevo, by Jana Jevtić. Supplement Series 19 (2019)

Negotiating Identity: The Jewishness of the Way in Acts, by Dulcinea Boesenberg. Supplement Series 13 (2016)

The New Atheism and the Scientific-Naturalist Tradition, by Nancey Murphy. Volume 10 (2008)

The New Politics of Religious Freedom: Humanitarian Aid and Sanctuary as Religious Mandates, by Laura E. Alexander. Supplement Series 23 (2021)

New Politics, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and LGBT Legislation: A Critical Analysis, by Todd A. Salzman and Michael G. Lawler. Supplement Series 23 (2021)

“A New Sacred Space in the Centre of London”: The Victoria Tower Gardens Holocaust Memorial and the Religious-Secular Landscape of Contemporary Britain, by David Tollerton. Volume 19 (2017)

Next Year in Orlando: (Re)Creating Israel in Christian Zionism, by Ronald Lukens-Bull and Mark Fafard. Volume 9 (2007)

Non-Catholic Students Impact upon Catholic Students in Four Catholic High Schools, by J. Kent Donlevy. Volume 8 (2006)

Not so Alien and Unnatural After All: Deification as Healing of Privation in Augustine’s Sermons, by Stanley P. Rosenberg. Supplement Series 15 (2018)

“Nothing about Us without Us”: Understanding Mental Health and Mental Distress in Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Autism through their Inclusion, Participation, and Unique Ways of Communicating, by Elspeth Bradley, Phoebe Caldwell, and Marika Korossy. Supplement Series 12 (2015)

Obesity and Religious Composition: Understanding Obesity Rates in Major U.S. Cities, by Christina Marini. Volume 22 (2020)

Of Saints and Sinners: Religion and the Civil War and Reconstruction Novel, by Edward J. Blum. Volume 4 (2002)

On Being Together: The Role of Lived Experience in Scriptural Reasoning, by Rebecca Skreslet Hernandez. Volume 23 (2021)

On Earth as it is In Heaven: The Protestant House Church Phenomenon in Post-Soviet Cuba, by Rose T. Caraway. Volume 17 (2015)

“On the Brink of Tears and Laughter”: Joy and Suffering in the Thought of Emmanuel Levinas, by Val Vinokurov. Volume 6 (2004)

On the Origin of Language: Implications for Ethics, Politics, and Theology, by Amardo Rodriguez. Volume 3 (2001)

On the Profit of Protestant Wives, by Dennis Barone. Volume 23 (2021)

The Ordained Women of the Early Church: Their Story, by Carol Osiek. Supplement Series 5 (2009)

The Ordinary Magic Girls: Midwestern Women, Faith, and Healing, by Dianne Travers Gustafson. Supplement Series 7 (2011)

Orthodox Perspectives on Saint Augustine, by Nicolae Roddy. Supplement Series 15 (2018)

Orthodoxy and Education in Post-Socialist Serbia: A Comment, by Dragoljub Kaurin and W. John Morgan. Volume 15 (2013)

Orthodoxy and the Search for Identity in Contemporary Russia, byJonathan E. M. Clarke. Volume 13 (2011)

“Our Various Hues of Brown”: The Politics of Polyvocality in Ayad Akhtar’s American Dervish, by Surbhi Malik. Supplement Series 14 (2017)

An Outsider’s Notes on the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Revelation: Its Grand Climax at Hand!, by Michael Gilmour. Volume 8 (2006)

Outsourcing Jobs and the Catholic Framework for Economic Life, by William Raynor. Volume 5 (2003)

Overcoming the “Religion and Politics” Discourse: A New Interpretation of the Israeli Case, by Yaacov Yadgar. Volume 16 (2014)

Ownership and Business Succession: Considerations from Catholic Social Teaching and the Economy of Communion, by Gregory Beabout. Supplement Series 22 (2020)

Paradigms of Sport: Indian-Catholic Reflections, by Bryan Lobo, S.J. Supplement Series 20 (2019)

The Parish Nurse: A Critical Component in Local Congregational Health Care Ministries, by Barbara Dilly. Supplement Series 7 (2011)

Part of the Plan? Faith In and Through Solid Organ and Blood-Forming Stem Cell Transplantation, by Laura L. Heinemann. Supplement Series 7 (2011)

Passion-ate Moments in the Jesus Film Genre, by Adele Reinhartz. Supplement Series 1 (2004)

Paul and Asceticism in 1 Corinthians 9:27a, by Kent L. Yinger. Volume 10 (2008)

Performance in Boko Haram’s Religious Fanaticism, by Soji Cole. Volume 23 (2021)

Performing Secularity: Toward the Construction of a Concept, by Patrick Gilger, S.J. Supplement Series 17 (2018)

“The Pernicious Effects of Novel Reading”: The Methodist Episcopal Campaign against American Fiction, 1865-1914, by Matthew T. Herbst. Volume 9 (2007)

Persephone and Susanna in the Garden: Patriarchal Seductions of Nature and Virtue, by Barbara J. Dilly. Supplement Series 5 (2009)

The Persistence of Grasmere: Contemporary Catholic Environmental Theology and the Romantic Impulse, by John J. O'Keefe. Supplement Series 3 (2008)

A Person-Centered Theory of the Firm: Learning from the Economy of Communion, by Celeste Harvey. Supplement Series 22 (2020)

Persons First, Athletes Second: If Aquinas Came to the English Premier League, by Mark Nesti. Supplement Series 20 (2019)

Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Philosophical Reflections on Normalcy, Disability, and the Imago Dei, by Jos V. M. Welie. Supplement Series 12 (2015)

The Politics of Catholic Worship in Nineteenth-Century Mexico, by Cornelius Conover. Supplement Series 16 (2018)

The Political Economy of Peasant Poverty: What the Eighth-Century Prophets Presumed but Did Not State, by Marvin L. Chaney. Supplement Series 10 (2014)

The Political Implications of Religious Non-Affiliation in Emerging Adulthood, by Philip Schwadel. Supplement Series 17 (2018)

The Political Significance of the Papacy, Historically and in the Present Period, by Anthony Mansueto. Volume 7 (2005)

Political Spirituality: Oxymoron or Redundancy? by Owen C. Thomas. Volume 3 (2001)

“The Poorest of the Land”: Perception and Identity of the Remnant in 2 Kings and Jeremiah, by Roger S. Nam. Supplement Series 10 (2014)

Pope Francis and Amoris Laetitia: Reform of Catholic Sexual Ethics?, by Todd A. Salzman and Michael G. Lawler. Supplement Series 18 (2019)

Pope Francis and the Economy of Communion, by Jesús Morán and Amy J. Uelmen. Supplement Series 22 (2020)

The Possibility and Plausibility of Divine Abusiveness or Sadism as the Premise for a Religious Response to the Holocaust, by Isabel Wollaston. Volume 2 (2000)

Potential for Apocalypse: Violence and Eschatology in the Israel-Palestine Conflict, by Ross Moret. Volume 10 (2008)

Pragmatism and Disunity in Science and Religion: Peirce and Cartwright, by Elizabeth F. Cooke. Supplement Series 11 (2015)

Prayer Time with Tessa: Ethical Reflections about Paternalistic Decision Making on Behalf of Cognitively Impaired Persons, by Paul A. Babcock and Jos V. M. Welie. Supplement Series 12 (2015)

Primed Parsons: Reference Groups and Clergy Political Attitudes, by Brian Calfano and Elizabeth A. Oldmixon. Volume 17 (2015)

Prolegomena to a Study of the Religious and Cultural Networks Linking the Romanian Communities of Medieval Transylvania, by Vladimir Agrigoroaei. Supplement Series 19 (2019)

Promoting Health and Wellbeing in Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, by Nicholas Lennox, Lyn McPherson, and Kate van Dooren. Supplement Series 12 (2015)

Prophecy and Theater, by Wiliam Doan and Terry Giles. Volume 2 (2000)

Prophecy, Purity, and Progress: Religion and Violence in the Conquest of America, by Tracy Neal Leavelle. Supplement Series 2 (2007)

The Prophet Jeremiah, Aung San Suu Kyi, and U2's All That You Can't Leave Behind: On Listening to Bono's Jeremiad, by Michael J. Gilmour. Volume 5 (2003)

“Prophet Margins” in the Economy of Salvation: Having, Being, and Doing in the Gospel of Luke, by Susan Calef. Supplement Series 10 (2014)

A Prophetic Challenge to Both Parties, and to the Church Itself, by Sue E. S. Crawford. Supplement Series 4 (2008)

Prophetic Rebuke in Acts: Calling for Reform Rather than Rejection of Israel, by Dulcinea Boesenberg. Supplement Series 18 (2019)

Prophets, Demons, and Witch Hunts: American Spiritual Warfare as Scapegoat Ideology, by Steve Snow. Volume 18 (2016)