ISSN: 1522-5658
Supplement 6 (2011)

Table of Contents

The Catholic Intellectual Tradition

Scholarship, Faith, and Higher Education

Edited by John J. O'Keefe, Gina Merys, and Bridget Keegan, Creighton University

Introduction: Catholic Intellectual Tradition and University Mission (pp. 1-9)

John J. O'Keefe, Creighton University [ Introduction ]

1. The Catholic Intellectual Tradition: Medieval Lessons (pp. 10-21)

Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt, Loyola University Maryland [ Chapter 1 ]

2. A Loss for Words: Sounding the Depth of What We Profess in College English (pp. 22-35)

Vincent Casaregola, Saint Louis University [ Chapter 2 ]

3. The Catholic Intellectual Tradition and British Literature in the Long Eighteenth Century: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Canon (pp. 36-47)

Bridget Keegan, Creighton University [ Chapter 3 ]

4. Creative Tensions: The Catholic Tradition and American Political Life (pp. 48-58)

David Carroll Cochran, Loras College [ Chapter 4 ]

5. Beyond Books and Benevolence: Reflections on Civic Engagement in Catholic Universities (pp. 59-78)

Sue E. S. Crawford, Creighton University [ Chapter 5 ]


6. The Catholic Intellectual Tradition in the Context of the Legal Academy (pp.79-88 )

Michael J. Kelly, Creighton University [ Chapter 6 ]

7. Another Physicist Thinks It Through (pp. 89-94)

Michael Cherney, Creighton University [ Chapter 7 ]

8. A Biologist's Perspective on Science and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition (pp. 95-101)

Charles Brockhouse, Creighton University [ Chapter 8 ]

Conclusion: Continuing the Tradition through Extended Intellectual Dialogue (pp. 102-105)

Gina Merys, Creighton University [ Conclusion ]