ISSN: 1522-5658
Indices: Titles Q–Z

Qualified Sovereignty, Law, and the Moral Floor: Jewish Thought about War and Political Authority, by Laura E. Alexander. Supplement Series 18 (2019)

Qur’an, Crucifixion, and Talmud: A New Reading of Q 4:157-58, by Ian Mevorach. Volume 19 (2017)

Race, Religion, and Boycotts, by R. Khari Brown, Hannah Evans, and Ronald E. Brown. Volume 22 (2020)

Race, Truth, and Reconciliation in the United States: Reflections on Desmond Tutu's Proposal, by Will Gravely. Volume 3 (2001)

The Recursive Violence of Anthropological Exceptionalism: Toward the Ecological Transformation of Dignity, by Eric Daryl Meyer. Supplement Series 21 (2020)

Reflective-Generative Practice: A Framework for Congregation-Based Social Services, by Mark M. McCormack. Volume 14 (2012)

Reform Israeli Female Rabbis Perform Community Leadership, by Elazar Ben-Lulu. Volume 19 (2017)

Reformations in Reading: Short Bibles and the Aesthetics of Abridgment, by Ashleigh Elser. Supplement Series 18 (2019)

Reforming Muslim Politics: Rashid Rida’s Visions of Caliphate and Muslim Independence, by Simon Wood. Supplement Series 18 (2019)

Reforming Our Responses to Crime: Recent Papal Contributions, by Julia Fleming. Supplement Series 18 (2019)

Reforming the Reforms: Doctrine in a Time of Ecumenism, by H. Ashley Hall. Supplement Series 18 (2019)

Refugees, Exiles, and Stoic Cosmopolitanism, by William O. Stephens. Supplement Series 16 (2018)

The Relationship of Political Evangelicalism to Critical Thinking and Selected Sociopolitical Values in 2007 by Robert L. Williams and Colin C. Quillivan. Volume 10 (2008)

Relationships between Varieties of Religious Experience and Manifest Hate: A Sociological Analysis, by R. Georges Delamontagne. Volume 14 (2012)

Religion and Environmentalism, by Charles L. Harper. Supplement Series 3 (2008)

Religion and Justice in the Church Courts of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Nineteenth Century, by Richard Collin Mangrum. Supplement Series 21 (2020)

Religion and Politics: Educating for Engagement, by Kristin Mattson and Jennifer Reed-Bouley. Supplement Series 14 (2017)

Religion and Science from a Postsecular Perspective, by Raphael Sassower and Jeffrey Scholes. Volume 17 (2015)

Religion and the Commemoration of the Disappeared in Argentina 40 Years after the Dictatorship: A Study of Martyrological Memory at the Church of Santa Cruz, by Loren D. Lybarger, James S. Damico, and Edward Brudney. Volume 20 (2018)

Religion and the Interracial/Ethnic Common Good, by R. Khari Brown, Angela Kaiser, and Anthony Daniels. Volume 12 (2010)

Religion as Social Capital for Resettled Refugees: Karenni Catholics in Omaha, United States, by Alexander Rödlach. Supplement Series 16 (2018)

Religion, Environment, and Economy: Living in a Limited World, by Ronald A. Simkins. Supplement Series 16 (2018)

Religion in the American Public Square: An Islamic Perspective, by Ismail Royer. Volume 5 (2003)

Religion on Parade: Religiously Themed Entries in Small-Town Parades, by Paul J. Olson. Supplement Series 8 (2012)

Religion on the Silver Screen, by William L. Blizek. Supplement Series 8 (2012)

Religion or Religious Studies: What Difference Does it Make? by Robert Ensign. Volume 4 (2002)

Religion, Pluralism, and Democracy: A Natural Law Approach, by Anthony Mansueto. Volume 10 (2008)

Religion, Politics, and Beyond: The Pussy Riot Case, by Davor Džalto. Volume 15 (2013)

Religious Cosmologies and Homicide Rates among Nations: A Closer Look, by Gary F. Jensen. Volume 8 (2006)

Religious Fundamentalism and How it Relates to Personality, Irrational Thinking, and Defense Mechanisms, by Louis Ernesto Mora and Wilson McDermut. Volume 13 (2011)

A Religious Hustle: T.I. and Jay-Z’s Lyrical Narratives from “the Trap” to the Spiritual, by Sharon Lauricella and Samuel Kyereme. Volume 14 (2012)

Religious Institutions and Volunteering to Provide Care to People Living with HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe, by Alexander Rödlach. Supplement Series 7 (2011)

Religious Liberty and Gender and Sexual Orientation Nondiscrimination Legislation: A Critical Analysis of the Catholic Perspective, by Todd A. Salzman and Michael G. Lawler. Supplement Series 14 (2017)

Religious Modernism, Nationalism, and Antisemitism in Polish Catholicism and Egyptian Islam, by Paul Brykczynski. Volume 16 (2014)

Religious Studies, Faith, and the Presumption of Naturalism, by Gregory W. Dawes. Volume 5 (2003)

Religiosity and Hate Groups: An Exploratory and Descriptive Correlational Study, by R. George Delamontagne. Volume 12 (2010)

Religiosity, Secularism, and Social Health: A Research Note, by Gerson Moreno-Riaño, Mark Caleb Smith, and Thomas Mach. Volume 8 (2006)

Reshoring, Automation, and the Catholic Framework for Economic Life, by William J. Raynor III. Volume 16 (2014)

A Resource of Hope or a Religion No Longer Believed In? The Religious Nature of a "Green" William Morris, by Sara Wills. Volume 6 (2004)

A Response to Bishop Robert Barron’s Call to the Laity: The Catholic Church’s Response to Racism, by Matt Kappadakunnel. Volume 22 (2020)

Rethinking Religious Conversion: Missionary Endeavor and Indigenous Response among the Zo (Chin) of the India-Burma Borderland, by Pum Khan Pau. Volume 14 (2012)

A Return to the Foundations of the Critically Oriented Theologies of Liberation, by Manueal Mejido Costoya. Volume 8 (2006)

Revisionist Fiction and Religious Dogma: The Hidden Undercurrents, by Alok Kumar and Nirbhay Mishra. Volume 19 (2017)

Revisiting Sacred Metaphors: A Religious Studies Pedagogical Response to the Rise of the Nones, by Terry Shoemaker and William Simpson. Volume 16 (2014)

Revivalism and Reconstructionism in Islamic Reform: Intellectual Trends in Modernist Maghribi Thought, by M. Amine Tais. Volume 21 (2019)

The Revolution of Evolution, Heather Eaton. Supplement Series 3 (2008)

Riba, Usury, and the Evolution of Moral Finance: A Comparison of Two Arguments, by Christina G. McRorie. Supplement Series 16 (2018)

The Rise of Evangelical Conservatism in Mexican Politics, by Héctor Gómez Peralta. Volume 22 (2020)

The Role of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church on the Subject of the Rescue of the Bulgarian Jews During the Holocaust (1941-1944), by Lea Cohen. Supplement Series 19 (2019)

The Role of U.S. Denominations in Mobilizing International Voluntary Service (IVS), by Nancy T. Kinney. Volume 15 (2013)

Roman Catholic Teaching and the Death Penalty: Actual Use versus Hypothetical Use, by Julia Fleming. Supplement Series 14 (2017)

Romans, Jews, and Greeks: The World of Jesus and the Disciples, by Sidnie White Crawford. Supplement Series 1 (2004)

The Sabbath, Regimes of Truth, and the Subjectivity of Ancient Israel, by Mark K. George. Supplement Series 13 (2016)

St. Peter the Aleut: Sacred Icon and the Iconography of Violence, by Raymond A. Bucko, S.J.. Supplement Series 2 (2007)

The Scandal of Poverty: “Cultured Indifference” and the Option for the Poor Post-Katrina, by Bryan N. Massingale. Supplement Series 4 (2008)

Schools, Clubs, and Enterprise: Clusters of Social and Religious Coexistence in Ottoman Salonica, by Andreas K. Bouroutis. Supplement Series 19 (2019)

Scientific Nonsense, Historical Fiction, and Biblical Authority: The Historical Adam and Other Misguided Dogmas, by Ronald A. Simkins. Supplement Series 11 (2015)

Scribal Intent: Sociocultural Appropriation of the Testament of Abraham in Eighteenth-Century Romanian Lands, by Nicolae Roddy. Volume 1 (1999)

Searching for a New Story: The Possibility of a New Evangelical Movement in the U.S., by Paul N. Markham. Volume 12 (2010)

Sectarian Catholicism and Mel Gibson, by Michael G. Lawler. Supplement Series 1 (2004)

A Secular Nation under God's Protection: Brazil's Porous State Secularism and the Problem of the Differentiation of Value Spheres, by J. E. Chemin. Volume 18 (2016)

Secular Judaism: Construction, Contraction, or Contradiction, by Leonard J. Greenspoon. Supplement Series 17 (2018)

Secularism as a Shadow of Capital: A Historical Materialist View, by Patrick Murray. Supplement Series 17 (2018)

Secularism Stated, Rejected, and Reaffirmed: France, Italy, and Canada and the Dilemmas of Multi-Religious Societies, by Carla M. Zoethout. Volume 17 (2015)

Secularization and Contemporary Catholic Mission: A Constructive Proposal, by Carolyn Chau. Supplement Series 17 (2018)

Seeing Through the Invisible Pink Unicorn, by Andrew Stuart Abel and Andrew Schaefer. Volume 12 (2010)

Seeking Community in a Capitalist Age: A Collective Response to Poverty and Debt, from the Bible to Today, by Matthew J. M. Coomber. Supplement Series 16 (2018)

Selfies as Secular Religion: Transcending the Self, by Mathias Ephraim Nygaard. Volume 21 (2019)

Sexual Creators and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Being Human in Different Ways, by Christine Jamieson and Hazel Markwell. Supplement Series 12 (2015)

The Shadow of the Shoah: A Review Essay, by K. Hannah Holtschneider. Volume 5 (2003)

Shaming in Judaism: Past, Present, Future, by Tsuriel Rashi and Hananel Rosenberg. Volume 19 (2017)

Shifting Concerns about Social Problems: Religious and Political Identity among Evangelical and Mainline Protestants, 1960-2013, by Sabrina Danielsen. Supplement Series 13 (2016)

Sigmund Freud, Hanns Sachs, and the Apostle to the Gentiles, by Daniel R. Langton. Volume 10 (2008)

A Sign of the Times: Catholic Advocacy for Social Justice in Nkrumah’s Ghana, 1958, by Baba G. Jallow. Volume 16 (2014)

Simplicity of Lifestyle as a Goal of Business: Practicing the Economy of Communion as a Challenge to Consumer Society, by David Cloutier. Supplement Series 22 (2020)

The Social Origins of Universalistic Monotheism: A Comparative Analysis of Paul and Muhammad, by Khaldoun Samman. Volume 8 (2006)

Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:1-29) on the Internet: The Implications of the Internet for the Study of the Bible, by Susanne Scholz. Volume 1 (1999)

Solidarity and Catholic Social Thought: Confronting the Globalization of Indifference, by Todd A. Salzman and Michael G. Lawler. Supplement Series 16 (2018)

Some Preliminary Comments on the Formation of Online Religious Identities: A Case Study of the Internet-Hinduin India’s Cyberspace, by Denzil Chetty. Volume 16 (2014)

Some Psychological Aspects of Religious Ethics: Virtue and Motivation, by Joseph Selling. Supplement Series 11 (2015)

Sports Chaplaincy in Women’s International Soccer Pastoral: Care, Emotional Wellbeing, and Holistic Support, by Angy King, Andrew Parker, and Brian Hemmings. Volume 22 (2020)

The State and the Operation of Sharia Councils in the United Kingdom: A Critical Response to Machteld Zee, by Shona Lester. Volume 17 (2015)

The State and the Operation of Sharia Councils in the United Kingdom: A Response to Shonda Lester, by Machteld Zee. Volume 17 (2015)

Stepping In / Stepping Out: A Conversation between Ideological and Social Scientific Feminist Approaches to the Bible, by Alice A. Keefe. Volume 1 (1999)

Stepping Out: Narratives of Former Fundamentalist Christians, by Nathan Collins. Volume 18 (2016)

Steward-In-Chief: The Theology of George W. Bush and His Environmental/Conservation Policy, by Edward T. Wimberley. Volume 9 (2007)

“Stretch yourself on the rack of your heart” (S. 13:7) Reality, Spirituality and Emotions in Augustine’s Imagery, by Hubertus R. Drobner. Supplement Series 15 (2018)

The Striving Shaykh: Abdullah Azzam and the Revival of Jihad, by John C. M. Calvert. Supplement Series 2 (2007)

Student Loan Discharge: Arguments to Save Donations from the Closing Jaws of Creditors so They Find Their Way into the Open Arms of Charity, by Anthony Manhart. Volume 5 (2003)

Syncretism in Vodu and Orisha: An Anthropological Analysis, by Eric James Montgomery. Volume 18 (2016)

Taking Hold of Reality: White Protestant Theology and Racism at the End of White Christian America, by Kristopher Norris. Supplement Series 21 (2020)

The Taming of the Two: Queen Esther and Queen Vashti in Midrash, by Leonard Greenspoon. Supplement Series 5 (2009)

Tasting the Gumbo: A Response to Guy Lancaster, by J. C. Hallman. Volume 9 (2007)

Tawḥīd al ’uluhiyya, Secularism, and Political Islam, by Johan Eddebo. Volume 16 (2014)

Taylor and Dummett on the Rushdie Affair, by Paul Cliteur. Volume 18 (2016)

Teaching and Learning an Option for the Poor: The Book of Job and Belief in a Just World, by Roger Bergman. Supplement Series 10 (2014)

Teaching and Practice: Experiential Education and the Transformation of Liberation Theology, by Charles R. Strain. Volume 2 (2000)

Teaching Religious Plurality: A Second Naïveté, by Constance Wise and Richmond West. Volume 4 (2002)

Teaching the Bible through the Internet: In the Classroom and at a Distance, by Ronald A. Simkins. Volume 2 (2000)

Ten Commandments Monuments and the Rivalry of Iconic Texts, by James W. Watts. Volume 6 (2004)

Terror at the Holy of Holies: Christians and Jewish Builders of the Temple at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century, by Yaakov Ariel. Supplement Series 2 (2007)

A Test of Nordic Exceptionalism: The Association of Ethnic Heritage and Religion with Social Capital and Civic Engagement in Small U.S. Towns, by Terry L. Besser. Volume 13 (2011)

Theistic Naturalism and the Politics of Nature, by Richard Fern. Supplement Series 3 (2008)

Theology, Athletics, and Job Hunting, by Davor Peterlin. Volume 5 (2003)

Theology in the Wake of Survivor Testimony: Epistemic Injustice and Clergy Sex Abuse, by Erin Kidd. Supplement Series 21 (2020)

Theology, Science, and Sexual Anthropology: A Methodological Investigation, by Todd A. Salzman and Michael G. Lawler. Supplement Series 11 (2015)

Therapeutic Heresy or Emotional Salvation? American Catholic Interpretations of Psychoanalysis During and After World War II, by Mary Miles. Volume 18 (2016)

There Is Hope for Diminishing Poverty and Inequities in America, by Richard L. O’Brien. Supplement Series 4 (2008)

To Kneel or Not to Kneel: Gendered Nonverbal Behavior in Greek Ritual, by Christina A. Clark. Supplement Series 5 (2009)

Too Hard to Believe? A Reading of Religious Eclecticism in Yann Martel's Life of Pi, by Jeffrey W. Robbins. Volume 13 (2011)

Toward Faith: A Qualitative Study of How Atheists Convert to Christianity, by Joseph Langston, Heather Powers Albanesi, and Matthew Facciani. Volume 21 (2019)

Toward the Integral Development of Students in Canadian Catholic High School Athletics, by Matt Hoven. Supplement Series 20 (2019)

Tragic Choices in Ideological Battles: Gay Rights versus Religious Freedom, by Anthony Walsh.  Volume 17 (2015)

Three Approaches to Sport: The Vatican, the International Olympic Committee, and the United Nations, by Antonella Stelitano. Supplement Series 20 (2019)

Three Rival Versions of the Relationship of Religion to Modernity, by David McPherson. Supplement Series 17 (2018)

Trinity and Justice: A Theological Response to the Sexual Assault of Migrant Women, by Nichole M. Flores. Supplement Series 16 (2018)

The Truth of Religion: Contributions from Spinoza and Hegel, by Jeanne Schuler. Supplement Series 17 (2018)

Turning from Conversion: Shakers, Anti-Shakers, and the Battle for Public Opinion, by Daisy S. Miller. Volume 17 (2015)

Uncertainty and the Limits of Culture, by Richard Schaefer. Volume 17 (2015)

Unholy Economics and Environmental Impacts: Reading Revelation’s Great Whore in the Climate Crisis, by Crystal L. Hall. Supplement Series 23 (2021)

Unlikely Alliances: Notes On A Green Culture of Life, by Jennifer Ladino. Supplement Series 3 (2008)

Urbanism, Religion, and Race-based Residential Preferences, by R. Khari Brown and Ryan Dick Duff. Volume 17 (2015)

U.S. Catholic Bishops’ Discussion of President Obama vs. President Trump, 2014–2019, by Sabrina Danielsen, Emily E. Burke, and Daniel R. DiLeo. Supplement Series 23 (2021)

Viking Quest: Rosalie Hankey Wax's Search for Trans-Racial Spiritual Solidarity, 1921-1971, by Heather Fryer. Supplement Series 5 (2009)

The Virtual Pilgrimage: The Disappearing Body from Place to Space, by Sarah MacMillen. Volume 13 (2011)

The Violent Bear It Away: Just War and U.S. Military Policy in the Eyes of Catholic Teaching, by William R. O’Neill, S.J. Supplement Series 4 (2008)

The Vision of the Balkans in Musical Culture: Between Viennese Operetta and Eurovision, by Anna G. Piotrowska. Supplement Series 19 (2019)

Visual Ambiguity in the Biblical Tradition: The Word and Image of God, byRonald A. Simkins. Supplement Series 8 (2012)

Visual Depiction of Impossibility and Hans Holbein's The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb (1521), by Michael A. Brown. Supplement Series 8 (2012)

Visual, Verbal, Mental, and Living Images in Early Modern Catholicism: Francis de Sales and Adrien Gambart, by Joseph F. Chorpenning, O.S.F.S. Supplement Series 8 (2012)

Vocation, Discernment, and the Human Heart in Augustine, by Kari Kloos. Supplement Series 15 (2018)

"The Wageless Work of Paradise": Integrating Women into American Religious History, by Kathleen Sprows Cummings. Supplement Series 5 (2009)

Welcoming the Stranger: Religion and Attitudes toward Social Justice for Immigrants in the U.S., by Theresa Davidson and Carlos Garcia. Volume 16 (2014)

What Can Christian Ethics Learn from Evolutionary Examinations of Altruism? by Stephen J. Pope. Supplement Series 11 (2015)

What Constitutes New Religious Movements? A Question of Typology, by Guy Lancaster. Volume 9 (2007)

What Does the Ordination of Women Then Mean for Women Now? by Gary Macy. Supplement Series 5 (2009)

What Ever Happened to Historical Criticism? by Michael C. Legaspi. Volume 9 (2007)

What is Enlightenment? An Islamic Perspective, by M. A Muqtedar Khan. Volume 16 (2014)

What’s Reformed about Reform Judaism? Halakhah and Public Embodiment, by Sarah Imhoff. Supplement Series 18 (2019)

When the Passion has Cooled: Reflections on Mel Gibson’s Passion, by Gregory S. Bucher, Brian Barrett, Michael Dawson. Volume 6 (2004)

Without Christian Roots: A Critique of the Roots Analogy in Relation to European Culture, by Michael Grech. Volume 17 (2015)

Which Right is Right? An Exploration of the Intersection between Religious Identity and the Human Right to Gender Equality in Two Different Teacher Education Contexts: South Africa and Norway, by Janet Jarvis, Ncamisile Mthiyane, Eva Mila Lindhardt, and Olav Christian Ruus. Volume 20 (2018)

Who Will Labor in the Vineyard? The New Catholic Mentality and Religious Commitment, by Richard Rymarz. Volume 11 (2009)

Why Are We Worried? The Role of Religion and Out-Group Bias in Predicting American Fears, by Theresa Davidson. Volume 19 (2017)

Why This Old Racism? The Intersection of Race and Religion in Ancient and Modern Times, by Guy Lancaster. Volume 9 (2007)

The Widow and Orphan in the Political Economy of Ancient Israel, by Ronald A. Simkins. Supplement Series 10 (2014)

The Wisdom of the Owls: Gender, Nature and Spirituality in the Poetry of Mary Oliver, by Bridget Keegan. Supplement Series 5 (2009)

Wired Women: Lost (or Found?) in Cyberspace, by Meredith Underwood. Volume 1 (1999)

Women in the Crucible of Change: Women's Influence on the Church in The Years 1480 to 1700, by Eileen Burke-Sullivan. Supplement Series 5 (2009)

Work Values and Christian Religiosity: An Ambiguous Multidimensional Relationship, by Hans Geser. Volume 11 (2009)

Worthy "Gods" and "Goddesses": The Meaning of Modesty in the Normalization of Latter-day Saint Gender Roles, by Rosemary Avance. Volume 12 (2010)

Writing Terror: The Representations and Interpretations of Terrorism in Eduardo Galeano, Cormac McCarthy, and William Vollmann, by Richard D. Hecht. Supplement Series 2 (2007)

You Didn’t Build That! A Prophetic View of the Political Economy from the Exile, by Nicolae Roddy. Supplement Series 10 (2014)