ISSN: 1522-5658
Supplement 4 (2008)

Table of Contents

Faithful Citizenship

Principles and Strategies to Serve the Common Good

Edited by Dennis Hamm, S.J., Creighton University
and Gail S. Risch, Creighton University

Introduction (pp. 1-5)

Dennis Hamm, S.J., Creighton University [ Introduction ]

1. Faithful Citizenship: History, Context, Directions, Dangers (pp. 6-19)

John Carr, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops [ Chapter One ]

2. Catholics and American Politics (pp. 20-26)

David O’Brien, College of the Holy Cross [ Chapter Two ]

Response: A Prophetic Challenge to Both Parties, and to the Church Itself (pp. 27-32)

Sue E. S. Crawford, Creighton University [ Response ]

3. The Common Good and Issues in U.S. Politics: A Critical Catholic Approach (pp. 33-46)

David Hollenbach, S.J., Boston College [ Chapter Three ]

Response: I Read the Document Differently (pp. 47-54)

James R. Cunningham, Nebraska Catholic Conference [ Response ]

4. The Scandal of Poverty: “Cultured Indifference” and the Option for the Poor Post-Katrina (pp. 55-72)

Bryan N. Massingale, Marquette University [ Chapter Four ]

Response: There Is Hope for Diminishing Poverty and Inequities in America (pp. 73-79)

Richard L. O’Brien, Creighton University [ Response ]

5. The Violent Bear It Away: Just War and U.S. Military Policy in the Eyes of Catholic Teaching (pp. 80-91)

William R. O’Neill, S.J., Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley [ Chapter Five ]

Response: Just War from a Legal Perspective (pp. 92-95)

Michael J. Kelly, Creighton University [ Response ]

6. Advancing the Culture of Life through Faithful Citizenship (pp. 96-125)

Teresa Stanton Collett, University of St. Thomas [ Chapter Six ]

Response: The Death Penalty – Another Threat to a Culture of Life (pp. 126-34)

Julia Fleming, Creighton University [ Response ]

7. Immigration: A Faithful Approach to Matters of Citizenship (pp. 135-49)

Kristin E. Heyer, Loyola Marymount University [ Chapter Seven ]

8. Faithful Citizenship and Climate Change: Reclaiming Christian Principles of Prudence, Poverty and the Common Good (pp. 150-63)

Daniel J. Misleh, Catholic Coalition on Climate Change [ Chapter Eight ]

Response: I Agree, But Do Not Neglect the Population Question (pp. 164-72)

Charles Harper, Creighton University [ Response ]

9. Faithful Citizenship between Elections: Reflections from an Exponent of Broad-Based Community Organizing (pp. 173-78)

Ernesto Cortés, Jr., Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) [ Chapter Nine ]