ISSN: 1522-5658
Indices: Titles A–H

Address of His Holiness Pope Francis to Participants in the Meeting “Economy of Communion.” Supplement Series 22 (2020)

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Bernini's Triton Fountain: War and Fountains in the Rome of Urban VIII, by Matthew Knox Averett. Supplement Series 8 (2012)

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Beyond Books and Benevolence: Reflections on Civic Engagement in Catholic Universities, by Sue E. S. Crawford. Supplement Series 6 (2011)

Beyond Inclusion: Recognizing the Humanity of the Profoundly Impaired, by Peter Comensoli. Supplement Series 12 (2015)

Beyond the Politics of Theological Despair, by Jeffrey W. Robbins. Volume 8 (2006)

Beyond Western Civilization: Toward the Recentering of Catholic Politics, by Daniel A. Rober. Supplement Series 23 (2021)

The Bible and Social Justice: Has Anything Changed in Our Third Millennium? by Thomas Massaro, S.J. Supplement Series 10 (2014)

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Bibliography of English Resources on the Economy of Communion. Supplement Series 22 (2020)

Big Questions in Cosmology: Intersections between Science and Religion, by Gintaras K. Duda. Supplement Series 11 (2015)

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Biomedical Technology: Omnipresent in Contemporary Care, but Virtually Absent from Catholic Bioethics, by Jos Welie. Volume 17 (2015)

Bishop Sheil, the CYO and Reflections for Our Times, by Timothy Neary. Supplement Series 20 (2019)

Biting the Poor: On the Difference between Credit and Debt in Ancient Israel and Southwest Asia, by Roland Boer. Volume 16 (2014)

Born Again with Trump: The Portrayal of Evangelicals in the Media, by Eun-Young Julia Kim. Volume 21 (2019)

Born into Deviance: Disaffiliation Processes for First and Second-Generation New Religious Movement Members, by Nicole A. Shoenberger and Chris Grayburn. Volume 18 (2016)

Borrow and Lend: Social Exchange and the Gemach, by Donna Shai. Volume 10 (2008)

Boundary Formation and Cultural Construction: Religion and Ethnicity for Chinese and Indian Immigrant Converts in the U.S., by Di Di. Volume 18 (2016)

Britain’s Pagan Heritage: A Review of Ronald Hutton’s Pagan Britain and Marion Gibson’s Imagining the Pagan Past, by Ethan Doyle White. Volume 16 (2014)

Broken Bodies, Healed Body: Contemporary Martyrdom and Ecumenism, by Peter Nguyen, S.J. Supplement Series 18 (2019)

Business in the Service of the Common Good: A Christian Perspective, by Andrew Gustafson. Supplement Series 10 (2014)

The Business of Business: Recapturing the Personalist Perspective, by John McNerney. Supplement Series 22 (2020)

"But They're JUST People": Teaching Jewish American (Auto)biography in a Jewishly Impoverished University, by Mara W. Cohen Ioannides. Volume 6 (2004)

Can Technology Forestall a Secular Future?, by Jeffrey J. Maciejewski. Supplement Series 18 (2019)

Capturing Islam: Religion, Identity, and the Turn to Islamism, by Simon A. Wood. Supplement Series 13 (2016)

Care for the Poor and Needy: The Bible’s Contribution to an Economic and Social Safety Net, by Ronald A. Simkins. Supplement Series 14 (2017)

Career Trajectories and (In)Formalization among Muslim Performing Artists in the UK and the U.S.: Accommodationism or Fundamentalism? by Yolanda van Tilborgh. Volume 19 (2017)

The Catholic Intellectual Tradition and British Literature in the Long Eighteenth Century: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Canon, by Bridget Keegan. Supplement Series 6 (2011)

The Catholic Intellectual Tradition in the Context of the Legal Academy, by Michael J. Kelly. Supplement Series 6 (2011)

The Catholic Intellectual Tradition: Medieval Lessons, by Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt. Supplement Series 6 (2011)

Catholic Social Teaching, Laudato Sí, and the Green New Deal, by Richard W. Miller. Supplement Series 23 (2021)

Catholic Theological Anthropology, Economics, and Secularization: Reassessing the Patterns in Light of 21st-Century Conditions, by Daniel A. Rober. Supplement Series 17 (2018)

Catholic Universities and Social Action in the Context of the Transgressing of Planetary Boundaries, by Richard W. Miller. Supplement Series 14 (2017)

Catholicism and Democracy: A Reconsideration, by Edward Bell. Volume 10 (2008)

Catholics and American Politics, by David O’Brien. Supplement Series 4 (2008)

The Cedar and Brokeback Mountains: Heroic Passions or “I’m Not No Queer,” by John Barclay Burns Volume 10 (2008)

Centralization of Political-Economic Power and the Generation of Poverty: The Mission of Jesus, by Richard A. Horsley. Supplement Series 10 (2014)

Challenges to Private Sector Unionism in the United States and Catholic Social Teaching, by Ferdinand Tablan. Volume 17 (2015)

Challenging the Status Quo: How Rutilio Grande, S.J. Used Scripture to Address Socio-Economic Inequality, by Thomas M. Kelly. Supplement Series 10 (2014)

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Characterizing the Acts of Righteous Gentiles: A Matter of Duty or Supererogation? by Andrew Flescher. Volume 2 (2000)

Charisma (Mental Illness?) as the Foundation of Religions, by Daniel R. Wilson. Supplement Series 7 (2011)

Charting New Territory: Religion and "the Gender-Critical Turn," by Susan Calef Supplement Series 5 (2009)

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Christian Fundamentalists or Atheists: Who do Progressive Christians Like or Hate More? By George Yancey. Volume 19 (2017)

The Christian Imagination and the Anthropocene, by Richard Miller.Supplement Series 16 (2018)

A Christian Theological Analysis of the Institutions and Governance of Sport: A Case Study of the Modern Olympic Games, by Nick J. Watson and Andrew Parker. Volume 15 (2013)

Christian Theology as Depicted in The Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter Books, by Kristin Kay Johnston. Volume 7 (2005)

Christianity Betrayed: Conspiracy Theory about a Leftist-Muslim Plot against Christianity in Norway, by Torkel Brekke. Volume 21 (2019)

Christianity, Boxing, and Mixed Martial Arts: Reflections on Morality, Vocation, and Well-Being, by Nicholas J. Watson and Brian Brock. Volume 17 (2015)

Christianity and the “Others”: On Conversion of the Tangkhul Nagas, by Woryaomi Kharay. Volume 23 (2021)

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Christ's Passion on Stage: The Traditional Melodrama of Deicide, by Gordon R. Mork. Supplement Series 1 (2004)

Church and State at the End of Nature: An Augustinian Reflection on a Climate Change and Late Modernity, by John J. O’Keefe. Supplement Series 14 (2017)

The Church as a Workplace: Navigating Competing Ideas and Practices within Religious Employment Institutions, by Lenore M. Knight Johnson. Volume 20 (2018)

The Churches and National Socialism in the Thought of Eric Voegelin: An Assessment and Lessons for the Contemporary Debate, by Joseph Prud'homme. Volume 13 (2011)

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The Claims of Religious Identities in Secular Societies, by David McPherson. Supplement Series 13 (2016)

Climate Justice: Essential to the Church’s Mission, by Daniel R. DiLeo. Supplement Series 21 (2020)

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“Come Through the Water, Come Through the Flood”: Black Women’s Gospel Practices and Social Critique, by DoVeanna S. Fulton Minor. Volume 13 (2011)

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The Concept of Health: A Remarkable Absentee in Catholic Doctrine, by Jos V. M. Welie. Supplement Series 7 (2011)

Conclusion: Continuing the Tradition through Extended Intellectual Dialogue, by Gina Merys. Supplement Series 6 (2011)

Congregational Culture and Identity Politics in a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Synagogue: Making Inclusiveness and Religious Practice One and the Same, by Jon R. Norman. Volume 13 (2011)

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Conservationism, Preservationism, and Environmentalism: Convergent and Divergent Theological Foundations, by E. Terry Wimberley. Supplement Series 3 (2008)

Conscientious Objection to Unjust War: From Augustine to John Paul II, by Roger Bergman. Supplement Series 14 (2017)

Constructing Religious Meaning for Children Out of the American Civil War, by Kent A. McConnell. Volume 3 (2001)

Contested Measures of Humanity in African Suffering and Healing, by John M. Janzen. Supplement Series 7 (2011)

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Could There Be Another Galileo Case? Galileo, Augustine and Vatican II, by Gregory W. Dawes. Volume 4 (2002)

Countering Culture: Religious Motivation and Adherence to the “Inmate Code,” by Craig Stephen Wiernik. Volume 15 (2013)

Countering the Politics of Fear: Insights from the Life & Theology of Uganda’s John Mary Waliggo, by J. J. Carney. Supplement Series 23 (2021)

Cover Girls: Toward a Theory of Divine Female Embodiment, by Tricia Sheffield. Volume 4 (2002)

Cradle, Manger, Granary: Carving the Body from the Nation’s Sacred Flesh, by Anamaria V. Iosif Ross. Volume 8 (2006)

Creation and Theodicy in the Context of Climate Change: A New Cosmology for the Anthropocene?, by Ronald A. Simkins. Supplement Series 18 (2019)

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