ISSN: 1522-5658
Supplement 1 (2004)

Table of Contents

Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ

Edited by Ronald A. Simkins, Creighton University,
and William L. Blizek, University of Nebraska-Omaha


William L. Blizek, University of Nebraska-Omaha [ Introduction ]

1. Are the Gospel Passion Accounts Anti-Jewish?

Dennis Hamm, SJ, Creighton University [ Chapter One ]

2. Christ’s Passion on Stage: The Traditional Melodrama of Deicide

Gordon R. Mork, Purdue University [ Chapter Two]

3. Christian Anti-Semitism: Past History, Present Challenges

John T. Pawlikowski, OSM, Catholic Theological Union [ Chapter Three ]

4. Passion-ate Moments in the Jesus Film Genre

Adele Reinhartz, Wilfrid Laurier University [ Chapter Four ]

5. Romans, Jews, and Greeks: The World of Jesus and the Disciples

Sidnie White Crawford, University of Nebraska-Lincoln [ Chapter Five ]

6. The Arrest and Sentencing of Jesus: A Historical Reconstruction

Philip Cunningham, Boston College [ Chapter Six ]

7. Gibson's Passion: A Case Study in Media Manipulation?

Mark Silk, Trinity College [ Chapter Seven ]

8. Sectarian Catholicism and Mel Gibson

Michael Lawler, Creighton University [ Chapter Eight ]

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