ISSN: 1522-5658
Supplement 7 (2011)

Table of Contents

Religion, Health, and Healing

An Interdisciplinary Inquiry

Edited by Alexander Rödlach and Barbara Dilly, Creighton University

Introduction (pp. 1-4)

Barbara Dilly and Alexander Rödlach, Creighton University [ Introduction ]

1. Contested Measures of Humanity in African Suffering and Healing (pp. 5-24)

John M. Janzen, University of Kansas [ Chapter 1 ]

Catalogue of Images: Illustrating “Contested Measures of Humanity in African Suffering and Healing” (pp. 25-74) [ Catalogue ]

2. Charisma (Mental Illness?) as the Foundation of Religions (pp. 75-84)

Daniel R. Wilson, Creighton University [ Chapter 2 ]

3. The Concept of Health: A Remarkable Absentee in Catholic Doctrine (pp. 85-111)

Jos V. M. Welie, Creighton University [ Chapter 3 ]

4. The Ethics of Therapeutic Abortion and An American Catholic Medical School: Charles Coppens, S.J., and the Creighton Medical College (pp. 112-33)

Julia Fleming, Creighton University [ Chapter 4 ]

5. A Dowry Given, Returned, and Given Again: Agnes of Bohemia and the Politics of Founding a Medieval Hospital (pp. 134-49)

Joan Mueller, Creighton University,
and Christian-Frederik Felskau, Freie Universität Berlin [ Chapter 5 ]

6. Health and Healing Practices for the Muslim Community in Omaha, Nebraska (pp. 150-68)

Naser Z. Alsharif, Kim Galt, and Ted Kasha, Creighton University [ Chapter 6 ]

7. Listening to Indigenous Values and Practices in Health: Expanding the Boundaries of Decision Making and Care (pp. 169-79)

Brian F. McCoy, S.J., La Trobe University, Melbourne [ Chapter 7 ]

8. Indigenous Healing in Southwestern Zimbabwe: Doing the Work of the Ancestors (pp. 180-97)

Sue Schuessler, Kansas City, MO [ Chapter 8 ]

9. Religious Institutions and Volunteering to Provide Care to People Living with HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe (pp. 198-215)

Alexander Rödlach, Creighton University [ Chapter 9 ]

10. Part of the Plan? Faith In and Through Solid Organ and Blood-Forming Stem Cell Transplantation (pp. 216-34)

Laura L. Heinemann, Creighton University [ Chapter 10 ]

11. The Parish Nurse: A Critical Component in Local Congregational Health Care Ministries (pp. 235-61)

Barbara Dilly, Creighton University [ Chapter 11 ]

12. The Ordinary Magic Girls: Midwestern Women, Faith, and Healing (pp. 262-74)

Dianne Travers Gustafson, Creighton University, with Sandy Winkelman [ Chapter 12 ]