Coming Events

November 10, 2017

Religion and Science Forum: Genetics

The Kripke Center and the Theology Department are hosting a panel discussion addressing the relationship between religion and science by focusing on the field of genetics. The panel will consist of the following faculty:

Andrew Hogan, History Department
Charles Brockhouse, Biology Department
Todd Salzman, Theology Department

The panel will address such issues as the history of genetics from eugenics to gene manipulation, what can we do and what is possible, and the moral challenges raised by genetics. The panel will take place on Thursday, November 10, at 3:30 pm in the Hixon Lied Science Building G04.

February 16-17, 2017

Religion in Global Context

Central to global issues and globalization is the breaking down of boundaries (and barriers), whether they be religious, national, ethnic, ecological, economic, technological, or others. This symposium will address how religion affects and is affected by a wide range of global issues and globalization, historically and in the present. Global issues that may be considered include economic inequality and justice, the environment and the anthropocene, migration and immigration, refugees, interfaith dialogue and relations, identity and assimilation, among many other possibilities.

The symposium will take place from 8:30 – 5:00 on Thursday and Friday, February 16-17, in the Harper Center 3029. The symposium is open to the public.