Research Grants

The Kripke Center funds new research in selected areas of religion and society. The mission of the Center and the interests of its faculty determine its funding priorities.


The applicant must be a current Faculty Associate of the Kripke Center. If the research project involves several investigators, at least one investigator must be a current Faculty Associate.


The number and size of the grants are not fixed. Grant proposals are expected in the range of $500–$5,000, and may include, in order of priority, research expenses, travel expenses, research materials or equipment, and salary replacement/stipend. Research stipends are limited to $500 per week of full-time research. Grants will be awarded to research projects that contribute to the mission of the Center.


Applications may be submitted to the Director of the Kripke Center at any time, but at least one month prior to the period of the grant. Grants requesting summer stipends should be submitted prior to February 15.


Preliminary discussion with the director about the grant application is encouraged. Formal grant applications should include the following information in this order:

  1. Name of principal investigator and title of project;
  2. Amount of money requested and the period during which the proposed research will be completed;
  3. A 300 word description of the proposed research (if the application represents a continuing research project, the application should give evidence of prior success that recommends it for continued funding);
  4. A brief statement how the proposed research will contribute to the work of the Center;
  5. A detailed budget justifying the grant request; an explanation of other funding sources, if applicable;
  6. Applications requesting more than $2,000 in support may require a letter of support from a scholar outside the research project, which evaluates the scholarly promise of the proposal and the merit of the applicant;
  7. A current curriculum vitae.


Upon completion of the funded research, the faculty member should submit to the director a formal report (not more than 500 words) describing the results of the research.

Faculty who are funded for research may be asked to present their research at the semi-annual faculty meeting after the term of the grant is completed. All publications resulting from the research should acknowledge funding from the Kripke Center.


Applications will be reviewed by the Director of the Kripke Center. The Director may assemble an ad hoc committee of Faculty Associates to assist in the review of the proposals.

The grant proposals will be assessed according to the following criteria:

Does the research project contribute to the mission of the Kripke Center?
Does the research project contribute to the applicant’s academic field?
Can the research project be successfully completed by the applicant?
How does the applicant plan to communicate the results of the project?
Is the research project dependent upon full or partial funding?

The Director will allocate funding based on the merits of the proposals, available funds, and center priorities. Applications that are accepted for funding will be posted on the center’s website.