Faculty Associates

Faculty Associates are faculty of Creighton University who work in the areas of religion and society. Their primary appointments are in academic departments of the university, but they have committed their expertise, interests, and skills to the collaborative work of the Center.

The Kripke Center accepts applications for new Faculty Associates. For further information on the responsibilities and privileges of Faculty Associates, see the Faculty Associate Profile.

Current Associates

Naser Z. Alsharif
Associate Professor of Pharamacy

Islam; Islam and the west; Arab and Muslim-Americans; Muslim-Christian/Muslim-Jewish Relations; Religion and Politics.

Erin Averett
Professor of Art History and Classical & Near Eastern Studies

Classical Archaeology

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Matthew Averett
Associate Professor of Art History

Renaissance and Baroque Art and Architecture; Urban Development

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Dulcinea Boesenberg
Associate Professor of Theology

New Testament; Early Jewish and Christian Community and Identity

Sherri Brown
Associate Professor of Theology

Biblical Studies; New Testament and Social Justice

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Susan A. Calef
Assistant Professor of Theology

New Testament and Christian Origins; Feminist Biblical Interpretation; Women in Early Christianity; Body Issues in Early Christianity; Apocryphal Acts; Biblical Spirituality


John C. M. Calvert
Professor of History

Middle Eastern History; Islamism; Jihadism

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J. Jay Carney
Professor of Theology

African Christianity, Church History

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Sabrina Danielsen, Director of the Kripke Center
Associate Professor of Sociology

Sociology of Religion; Social Problems and Movements

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Daniel DiLeo
Associate Professor and Director of Justice and Peace Studies

Religion and Environment; Catholic Social Teaching and Climate Change

Scott Eastman
Professor of History

Spanish Nationalism and Colonialism

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Leonard Greenspoon, Klutznick Chair in Jewish Civilization
Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Studies

Hebrew Bible; Dead Sea Scrolls; Bible Translations; Bible in Popular Culture; Judaism; Jewish-Christian Relations


Andrew Gustafson
Associate Professor of Business Ethics and Society

Ethics, Business, and Society

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Martha Habash
Professor of Classics

Greek Religion, Roman Religion, Ancient History

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H. Ashley Hall
Associate Professor of Theology

Reformation; Protestant Theology

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Jeffrey P. Hause
Professor of Philosophy

Medieval Philosophy; Ethics; Ancient Philosophy


Bridget Keegan
Professor of English; Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

British Literature; Religion and the Environment

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Thomas M. Kelly
Professor of Theology

Liberation Theology; Enculturation; Christianity in Cultural Context

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Richard Collin Mangrum, Yossem Chair in Legal Ethics
Professor of Law

Constitutional Law; Free Exercise and Establishment Issues; Morman History and Theology


Nicolae Roddy
Professor of Theology

Hebrew Bible; Society and Literature of the Second Temple Period; Syro-Palestinian Archaeology; Romanian Apocryphal Literature; Eastern Orthodox Christian Theology and Culture

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Alexander Rödlach, SVD
Associate Professor of Anthropology and Psychiatry

Medical Anthopology; religion and health; faith community nursing; religious explanations of health and epidemics

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Ronald A. Simkins
Professor of Theology

Hebrew Bible; Near Eastern Studies; Archaeology of Israel; Creation Myths; Family in the Bible; Political Economy of Israel; Bible and the Environment

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Zachary B. Smith
Associate Professor of Theology

Late Antique, Medieval, and Byzantine Christianity

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