Newsletter Archive

Fall 2000 Volume 12 , Number 1

Russell R. Reno
Ward Addresses Science and Religion Issue

Spring 2000 Volume 11, Number 2

Charles F. Austerberry
Creation, Evolution, and Teaching in Public Schools

Eugene E. Selk
Kevin T. FitzGerald Gives Lecture on Genetic Manipulation

Fall 1999 Volume 11, Number 1

Wendy M. Wright
On the Durability of Ignatian Creation Spirituality

John P. O'Callaghan
Fr. Michael Baxter on "Catholic Radicalism"

Spring 1999 Volume 10, Number 2

Center Launches a New Electronic Journal

Eugene E. Selk
Nancey Murphy Gives Talk on 'Neuroscience and the Soul'

Wendy M. Wright
The University as an Expression of the Catholic Imagination

Fall 1998 Volume 10, Number 1

Sue Crawford
Clergy in Politics: Choices and Consequences

Spring 1998 Volume 9, Number 2

Bette Novit Evans
Religious Freedom vs. Compelling State Interests

Richard Collin Mangrum
Challenging the Scope of Free Exercise

Wendy M. Wright
Jesuit Schloesser Weaves Tapestry of Catholic Imagination

Book Notes

Fall 1997 Volume 9, Number 1

Joseph Allegretti
Pulling the Plug on Assisted Suicide?

Charles J. Dougherty
What's Wrong with Physician-Assisted Suicide?

Dennis Hamm, S.J.
Forum Focuses on Historical Jesus Research

Michael Lawler
Interdisciplinary Center Studies Marriage and Family

Wendy M. Wright
Novelist Ron Hansen Explores Faith and Fiction

Michael Lawler
Creighton Establishes Endowed Chair in Theology

Spring 1997 Volume 8, Number 2

John Calvert
Islam and the West: Clash of Civilizations

John W. Carlson
Seeking the Measure of John Paul II

Charles L. Harper
The End of American Religion "As We Know It?"

Fall 1996 Volume 8, Number 1

Ronald Burke
The History and Future of Papal Infallibility

Thomas J. Shanahan, S.J.
The Meaning of Papal Infallibility

Spring 1996 Volume 7, Number 2

Charles L. Harper
Catholic Pluralism is Subject of One Creighton Study

Julia Fleming
Gambling Funds for Community Use: At Cost to Civic Virtue

Sue E. S. Crawford
Study Looks at Role of Clergy in the 'Secular City'

Maryanne Stevens
Feminist Symposium Examines Positive Frameworks

Fall 1995 Volume 7, Number 1

Gary Leak
Spiritual, Religious Growth at C.U. Reassessed

Kenneth L. Wise
Religion and State: Book Seeks to Be a Fine Horse . . . But Authors Instead Turn Out a 'Sometime Camel'

Maryanne Stevens
Not Making a Difference is a Cost We Cannot Afford

Spring 1995 Volume 6, Number 2

Susan R. Lawler
Michael Flecky, S.J.: 'Hopkins in Ireland'

John W. Carlson
Religion's Place Lost--and Regained?

K. C. Hanson
Writer Invites Rethinking Concepts of God

Fall 1994 Volume 6, Number 1

Roger Bergman
Maggie Steger: Artist in Haiti Between Heaven and Hell

Roger Bergman
Gumbleton Urges Nonviolence, Evangelical Poverty

Spring 1994 Volume 5, Number 2

Joseph Allegretti
The Trivialization of Religion

Bruce J. Malina
Modernism in Three Acts

Roger Bergman
Nun Battles Death Penalty as Eyewitness

Fall 1993 Volume 5, Number 1

Richard Collin Mangrum
The Constitutional Implications of Public School Graduation Prayers

Maryanne Stevens
World Youth Day: A Personal Reflections

Dennis Hamm, S.J.
Black Elk, Catholic Catechist: The Rest of the Story

April 1993 Volume 4, Number 2

Ronald A. Simkins
The Environment, Ecology, and the Bible

Dennis Hamm, S.J.
The Eco-Crisis and the New Testament

October 1992 Volume 4, Number 1

Bryan F. Le Beau
Christopher Columbus and the Matter of Religion

Spring 1992 Volume 3, Number 2

Charles J. Dougherty
What's Wrong with Surrogacy?

Ralph L. Read
Another Side of the Medical-Moral Issue

Spring 1991 Volume 2, Number 2

Maryanne Stevens
Just War: Pacifism is Legitimate Option for Christians

Ashton Welch
Just War: Jihad is the Only War Sanctioned by Islam

Yoram Lubling
Just War: Jews Find Some Justifications for a War

Autumn 1990 Volume 2, Number 1

Charles I. Dougherty, Kate Brown, Winifred Pinch, Joseph Allegretti, Barba Edwards, and Virginia McCarthy
Confidentiality and Pediatric AIDS: A Creighton Research Project

Spring 1990 Volume 1, Number 2

David G. Schultenover, S.J.
Catholic Higher Education Status Debated

Joseph Allegretti
Are Embryos Children? The Difficult Issue Faced by a Tennessee Judge

Autumn 1989 Volume 1, Number 1

Religion Center Established

Bryan F. Le Beau
Entrusting the 'Divine Mission' of Education