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Indices: Book Reviews

The Journal of Religion & Society no longer publishes traditional book reviews. Instead, the journal will publish review essays, in which the author argues a thesis in relation to one or more recent books. Below is an index of traditional book reviews published by the journal in volumes 1-8.

Aichele, George (ed.). Culture, Entertainment and the Bible (LEONARD J. GREENSPOON). Volume 3 (2001)

Aichele, George, and Tina Pippin (eds.). Violence, Utopia, and the Kingdom of God: Fantasy and Ideology in the Bible (SUSAN BRAYFORD). Volume 1 (1999)

Aikman, David. Jesus in Beijing: How Christianity Is Transforming China and Changing the Global Balance of Power (JINGHAO ZHOU). Volume 7 (2005)

Anzulovic, Branimir. Heavenly Serbia: From Myth to Genocide (TODD SALZMAN). Volume 1 (1999)

Avise, John C. The Genetic Gods: Evolution and Belief in Human Affairs (TODD SALZMAN). Volume 1 (1999)

Bach, Alice (ed.). Women in the Hebrew Bible: A Reader (RONALD A. SIMKINS). Volume 1 (1999)

Banks. Robert. Reenvisioning Theological Education: Exploring a Missional Alternative to Current Models (MICHAEL LEE, S.J.). Volume 3 (2001)

Beaman, Lori G. Shared Beliefs, Different Lives: Women's Identities in Evangelical Context (WILLIAM L. LYONS). Volume 2 (2000)

Benne, Robert. Quality With Soul: How Six Premier Colleges and Universites Keep Faith with Their Religious Traditions (JOHN O'CALLAGHAN). Volume 4 (2002)

Berger, Klaus. Identity and Experience in the New Testament (SUSAN A. CALEF) Volume 7 (2005)

Blundell, S., and M. Williamson (eds.). The Sacred and the Feminine in Ancient Greece (MARTHA HABASH). Volume 1 (1999)

Browning, Don S. Marriage and Modernization: How Globalization Threatens Marriage and What to Do about It (GAIL RISCH). Volume 5 (2003)

Buell, Denise Kimber. Making Christians: Clement of Alexandria and the Rhetoric of Legitimacy (KHALED ANATOLIOS). Volume 1 (1999)

Burris, John P. Exhibiting Religion: Colonialism and Spectacle at International Expositions, 1851-1893 (ERIC BAIN-SELBO). Volume 5 (2003)

Cahill, Lisa Sowle. Family: a Christian Social Perspective (BARBARA L. BUTLER). Volume 3 (2001)

Chamberlain, T. J., and C. A. Hall. Realized Religion: Research on the Relationship between Religion and Health (BETH FURLONG). Volume 4 (2002)

Cherry, Conrad (ed.). God's New Israel: Religious Interpretations of American Destiny (BRYAN F. LE BEAU). Volume 1 (1999)

Chesnut, Robert A. Transforming the Mainline Church: Lessons in Change from Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Hope (JEREMY REHWALDT-ALEXANDER). Volume 3 (2001)

Chidester, David. Savage Systems: Colonialism and Comparative Religion in Southern Africa (ERIC BAIN-SELBO). Volume 5 (2003)

Chilton, Bruce. Rabbi Paul: An Intellectual Biography (JOHN CLABEAUX). Volume 7 (2005)

Clapp, Rodney. Border Crossings: Christian Trespasses on Popular Culture and Public Affairs (GRAHAM P. RAMSDEN). Volume 3 (2001)

Coates, Peter. Ibn ‘Arabi and Modern Thought: The History of Taking Metaphysics Seriously (ATIF KHALIL). Volume 7 (2005)

Collins, Raymond F. Sexual Ethics and the New Testament: Behavior and Belief (TODD SALZMAN). Volume 2 (2000)

Craig, William Lane. Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? A Debate between William Lane Craig and John Dominic Crossan; moderated by William F. Buckley, Jr.; edited by Paul Copan; with responses from Robert J. Miller, Craig L. Blomberg, Marcus Borg, and Ben Witherington III (LAURA A. WEBER). Volume 1 (1999)

Cuneo, Michael W. The Smoke of Satan: Conservative and Traditionalist Dissent in Contemporary American Catholicism (MIKE ASHCRAFT). Volume 2 (2000)

Cunningham, Philip, ed. Pondering the Passion: What’s at Stake for Christians and Jews (JANET L. MAESTRANZI). Volume 7 (2005)

Davaney, Sheila Greeve. Pragmatic Historicism: A Theology for the Twenty-First Century (DAVID L. WEDDLE, DONALD A. CROSBY; RESPONSE BY SHEILA GREEVE DAVANEY) Volume 4 (2002)

Dawes, Gregory W. (ed.). The Historical Jesus Quest. Landmarks in the Search for the Jesus of History (SUSAN CALEF). Volume 3 (2001)

Dawn, Marva J. A Royal "Waste" of Time: The Splendor of Worshiping God and Being Church for the World (J. BRADLEY WIGGER). Volume 2 (2000)

Day, Dorothy. On Pilgrimage (WILLIAM J. COLLINGE). Volume 2 (2000)

Dell, Katherine. Get Wisdom, Get Insight: An Introduction to Israel's Wisdom Literature (WILLIAM L. LYONS). Volume 3 (2001)

Dickerson, Matthew. Following Gandalf. Epic Battles and Moral Victory in The Lord of the Rings (GREGORY S. BUCHER). Volume 6 (2004)

Dixon, Sandra Lee. Augustine: Scattered and Gathered Self (JOHN J. O'KEEFE, GREGORY ALLEN ROBBINS). Volume 2 (2000)

Ellwood, Robert S. 1950: Crossroads of American Religious Life (JEREMY REHWALDT-ALEXANDER). Volume 2 (2000)

Evanzz, Karl. The Messenger: The Rise and Fall of Elijah Muhammad (JAMES L. CONYERS, JR.). Volume 2 (2000)

Farmer, William R., ed. Anti-Judaism and the Gospels (LAURA A. WEBER). Volume 2 (2000)

Feldman, Noah. Divided By God: America’s Church-State Problem - and What We Should Do About It (BETTE NOVIT EVANS). Volume 7 (2005)

Finch, Henry Leroy. Simone Weil and the Intellect of Grace (WENDY M. WRIGHT). Volume 2 (2000)

Finkelstein, Israel, and Neil Asher Silberman. The Bible Unearthed: Archaeology's New Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of its Sacred Texts (NICOLAE RODDY). Volume 3 (2001)

Fiorina, Morris, with Samuel Abrams and Jeremy C. Pope. Culture War? The Myth of a Polarized America (JASON ROSS) Volume 8 (2006)

Frankfurter, David. Evil Incarnate: Rumors of Demonic Conspiracy and Satanic Abuse in History (PER SMITH). Volume 8 (2006)

Frankfurter, David. Religion in Roman Egypt: Assimilation and Resistance (JOHN J. O'KEEFE). Volume 1 (1999)

Fuhrmann, Hors, and Detlev Jasper. Papal Letters in the Early Middle Ages (ROBERT E. WINN). Volume 4 (2002)

Gagnon, Robert A. J. The Bible and Homosexual Practice: Texts and Hermeneutics (JOHN BARCLAY BURNS). Volume 4 (2002)

Girardot, Norman J. The Victorian Translation of China: James Legge's Oriental Pilgrimage (ERIC BAIN-SELBO). Volume 5 (2003)

Goehring, James E. Ascetics, Society, and the Desert: Studies in Early Egyptian Monasticism (SUSAN ASHBROOK HARVEY). Volume 3 (2001)

Goodenough, Ursula. The Sacred Depths of Nature (GENE SELK) Volume 3 (2001)

Goss, Robert E., and Mona West (eds.). Take Back the Word: A Queer Reading of the Bible (DON FRAYND) Volume 3 (2001)

Gottwald Norman K. The Politics of Ancient Israel (CHARLES DAVID ISBELL). Volume 3 (2001)

Gowan, Donald E. Theology of the Prophetic Books: The Death and Resurrection of Israel (NICOLAE RODDY). Volume 1 (1999)

Guelzo, Allen C. Abraham Lincoln: Redeemer President (BRYAN F. LE BEAU). Volume 2 (2000)

Habel, Norman C. (ed.). Readings from the Perspective of Earth (EMMA TOMALIN). Volume 3 (2001)

Habel, Norman C., and Shirley Wurst (eds.). The Earth Story in Genesis (SUSAN BRAYFORD). Volume 3 (2001)

Hardy, Daniel W. Finding the Church: The Dynamic Truth of Anglicanism (ROBERT MACSWAIN). Volume 6 (2004)

Hauerwas, Stanley. With the Grain of the Universe: The Church's Witness and Natural Theology (KARL ALLEN). Volume 4 (2002)

Hedrick, Charles W. When History and Faith Collide: Studying Jesus (COURTNEY L. CARLSON). Volume 2 (2000)

Heitink, Gerben. Practical Theology: History, Theory, Action Domains (MICHAEL G. LAWLER). Volume 2 (2000)

Helmick, Raymond G., S.J., and Rodney L. Petersen (eds.). Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Religion, Public Policy, and Conflict Transformation (JOAN MUELLER). Volume 3 (2001)

Holmes, Arthur. Building the Christian Academy (STANLEY P. ROSENBERG). Volume 3 (2001)

Hook, Brian S., and Russell R. Reno. Heroism and the Christian Life: Reclaiming Excellence (RICHARD M. BUCK). Volume 3 (2001)

Horsley, Richard A., with Jonathan Draper. Whoever Hears Me Hears You: Prophets, Performance and Tradition in Q (STEPHEN J. PATTERSON). Volume 4 (2002)

Hunter, Cornelius G. Darwin's God: Evolution and the Problem of Evil (EDWARD M. HOGAN). Volume 4 (2002)

Jansen, Katherine Ludwig. The Making of the Magdalen: Preaching and Popular Devotion in the Later Middle Ages (WENDY M. WRIGHT). Volume 3 (2001)

Jewett, Robert. Saint Paul Returns to the Movies: Triumph Over Shame (SUSAN A. CALEF). Volume 2 (2000)

Johnston, Robert K. Reel Spirituality. Theology and Film in Dialogue (RONALD BURKE) Volume 3 (2001)

Jones, L. Gregory, and Stephanie Paulsell (eds.). The Scope of Our Art, The Vocation of the Theological Teacher (LAURA WEBER) Volume 5 (2003)

Ladd, Tony, and James Mathisen. Muscular Christianity: Evangelical Protestants and the Development of American Sport (LEAH SHAW and MIKE ASHCRAFT). Volume 2 (2000)

Lambert, Frank. The Founding Fathers and the Place of Religion in America (KARL K. ALLEN) Volume 8 (2006)

Lambert, Frank. Inventing the "Great Awakening" (KURT WIDMER). Volume 3 (2001)

Lampman, Lisa Barnes (ed.), and Michelle Shattuck (assoc. ed.). God and the Victim: Theological Reflections on Evil, Victimization, Justice, and Forgiveness (CHRISTOPHER JOHNSON). Volume 2 (2000)

Landres, J. Shawn, and Michael Berenbaum, eds. After The Passion is Gone: American Religious Consequences ( JANET L. MAESTRANZI). Volume 7 (2005)

Larson, Edward J. Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America's Continuing Debate over Science and Religion (EUGENE E. SELK). Volume 2 (2000)

Le Beau, Bryan F. The Atheist: Madalyn Murray O’Hair (ANDREW R. GRAYBILL). Volume 7 (2005)

Lee, Sang Hyun and Allen C. Guelzo (eds.). Edwards in Our Time: Jonathan Edwards and the Shaping of American Religion (BRYAN F. LE BEAU). Volume 2 (2000)

Loney, Randolph. A Dream of the Tattered Man: Stories from Georgia’s Death Row (JULIA FLEMING). Volume 5 (2003)

Longnecker, Richard N., ed. Community Formation in the Early Church and in the Church Today (KARL K. ALLEN) Volume 7 (2005)

MacCannell, Dean. The Tourist: A New Theory of the Leisure Class (THOMAS S. BREMER). Volume 2 (2000)

Mack, Dana, and David Blankenhorn (eds.). The Book of Marriage: The Wisest Answers to the Toughest Questions (MICHAEL G. LAWLER). Volume 3 (2001)

Malcolm, Noel. Bosnia: A Short History (TODD SALZMAN). Volume 1 (1999)

Mazur, Eric Michael. The Americanization of Religious Minorities: Confronting the Constitutional Order (THOMAS S. BREMER). Volume 2 (2000)

McClenon, James. Wondrous Healing: Shamanism, Human Evolution, and the Origin of Religion (RAYMOND A. BUCKO, S.J.). Volume 4 (2002)

McCoy, Richard C. Alterations of State: Sacred Kingship in the English Reformation (JENNIFER WALDRON). Volume 5 (2003)

McGraw, Barbara A. Rediscovering America’s Sacred Ground: Public Religion and Pursuit of the Good in a Pluralistic America (KARL K. ALLEN). Volume 7 (2005)

Meilaender, Gilbert. Love Taking Shape, Sermons on the Christian Life (VERN CASWELL). Volume 5 (2003)

Mizruchi, S. L. (ed.). Religion and Cultural Studies (MARK MARKULY). Volume 4 (2002)

Moreland, J. P. Christianity and the Nature of Science: A Philosophical Investigation (EDWARD HOGAN). Volume 1 (1999)

Nesteruk, Alexei V. Light from the East: Theology, Science, and the Eastern Orthodox Tradition (KARL K. ALLEN). Volume 7 (2005)

Pattison, Stephen. Shame: Theory, Therapy, Theology (ERIC BAIN-SELBO). Volume 4 (2002)

Porter, Jennifer E., and Darcee L McLaren (eds.). Star Trek and Sacred Ground: Explorations of Star Trek, Religion, and American Culture (JULIA FLEMING). Volume 2 (2000)

Prevost, Ronnie. Evangelical Protestant Gifts to Religious Education (JULIE LYTLE). Volume 4 (2002)

Raheb, Mitri. Bethlehem Besieged: Stories of Hope in Times of Trouble (DENNIS HAMM, S.J.) Volume 6 (2004)

Roof, Wade Clark. Spiritual Marketplace: Baby Boomers and the Remaking of American Religion (MARK MARKULY). Volume 4 (2002)

Royal, Robert. The Virgin and the Dynamo: Use and Abuse of Religion in Environmental Debates (BRIDGET KEEGAN). Volume 2 (2000)

Rubio, Julie Hanlon. A Christian Theology of Marriage and Family (THOMAS M. KELLY). Volume 5 (2003)

Sanchez, José M. Pius XII and the Holocaust: Understanding the Controversy (ROBERT SHELLEDY). Volume 4 (2002)

Schwartz, Seth. Imperialism and Jewish Society, 200 B.C.E. to 640 C.E. (PAMELA EISENBAUM). Volume 6 (2004)

Seaman, Anne Rowe. Swaggart: The Unauthorized Biography of an American Evangelist (CHARLES HARPER). Volume 2 (2000)

Sharma, Arvind, and Kathleen Dugan (eds.). A Dome of Many Colors: Studies in Religious Pluralism, Identity, and Unity (EDWARD HOGAN). Volume 2 (2000)

Shevzov, Vera. Russian Orthodoxy on the Eve of Revolution (AMY SLAGLE). Volume 7 (2005)

Skedros, James C. Saint Demetrios of Thessaloniki, Civic Patron and Divine Protector: 4th - 7th Centuries CE (VASILIKI LIMBERIS). Volume 1 (1999)

Slane, Craig J. Bonhoeffer as Martyr: Social Responsibility and Modern Christian Commitment (GARY MANN). Volume 7 (2005)

Smith-Christopher, Daniel L. (ed.). Subverting Hatred: The Challenge of Nonviolence in Religious Traditions (ROGER BERGMAN). Volume 1 (1999)

Spencer, William David, and Aida Besancon Spencer (eds). God through the Looking Glass: Glimpses from the Arts (DAVID B. HOWELL). Volume 1 (1999)

Spinner-Halev, Jeff. Surviving Diversity: Religion and Democratic Citizenship (ROBERT ENSIGN). Volume 3 (2001)

Srigley, Susan. Flannery O’Connor’s Sacramental Art (JASON PETERS). Volume 7 (2005)

Stone, Ken (ed.). Queer Commentary and the Hebrew Bible (JOHN BARCLAY BURNS). Volume 4 (2002)

Stout, Jeffrey. Democracy and Tradition (JOSEPH S. PAGANO). Volume 6 (2004)

Tanner, Marcus. Ireland's Holy Wars: The Struggle for a Nation's Soul, 1500-2000 (KESTUTIS PAULAUSKAS). Volume 5 (2003)

Toorn, Karel van der, Bob Becking, and Pieter W. van der Horst (eds.). Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible (SUSAN BRAYFORD). Volume 2 (2000)

Tripolitis, Antonía. Religions of the Hellenistic-Roman Age (MARTHA HABASH). Volume 4 (2002)

Underwood, James Lowell, and W. Lewis Burke, eds. The Dawn of Religious Freedom in South Carolina (GUY LANCASTER) Volume 8 (2006)

Vaage, Leif E., and Vincent L. Wimbush (eds.). Asceticism and the New Testament (KENNETH D. SNYDER). Volume 2 (2000)

Webb, Stephen H. Good Eating (RICHARD L. FERN). Volume 4 (2002)

Webb, Stephen H. Taking Religion to School: Christian Theology and Secular Education (MICHAEL IAN BORER). Volume 3 (2001)

Webster, John. Holiness (KEN WILLIAMS). Volume 6 (2004)

Whitten, Mark Weldom. The Myth of Christian America: What You Need to Know about the Separation of Church and State (BETTE NOVIT EVANS). Volume 2 (2000)

Wogaman, J. Philip. Christian Perspective on Politics (TERRY CLARK). Volume 3 (2001)

Zornberg, Avivah Gottlieb. The Particulars of Rapture: Reflections on Exodus (NICOLAE RODDY). Volume 3 (2001)