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All submissions of articles, essays and opinions, and review essays should be sent to the General Editor in MS-Word format, as an email attachment to . No submission fee is required. English is the primary language of the journal. You should receive confirmation of your submission within a week; if you do not hear from us within a week, email the general editor () or managing editor () directly.

Instructions for

(revised for 2021)

1. The submission should make use of subheadings. Submissions should be less than 10,000 words in length.

2. A brief abstract of 150 words or less should be at the beginning of the submission.

3. Five keywords, which represent the focus and the breadth of the paper, should be listed after the abstract.

4. Spelling and formatting should be americanized – American English spelling; double quotation marks for quotes; commas and periods inside quotation marks, other punctation marks outside the quotation marks.

5. In a list of items or phrases separated by commas, the use of the so-called Oxford comma (before the "and/or") is preferred. Thus, ". . . this argument is made by Smith, Johnson, and Miller."

6. Documentation should be in the form of in-line parenthetical references (following the form of the Author-Date system of the Chicago Manual of Style). Simple citations of sources should be done as follows: (Smith 1992a, 234-236; R. Miller 1990, 15, 18). The author's name is omitted if it is referred to in the body of the paper. Note that full page numbers should be used, even for consecutive page references. Footnotes may be used for discussion of content. They should be numbered sequentially and kept to a minimum. Documentation in footnotes follows the same form as in the body of the text.

7. The submission should include a bibliography of cited works. Format of the bibliography should be put in the following style:

Smith, John. 2004a. “Something Interesting about Religion.“ A Journal of Religion & Society 6 (2): 25-36.

———. 2004b. "Something More on Religion." An Online Religion Journal 2 (3). {DOI or URL}.

———. 2005. Book on Religion. Important Books on Religion 6. City: Religion Publisher.

———. 2006. “Something Interesting about Religion.“ In Religious Stuff Book, edited by T. Jones and K. Smith, 15–27. Important Books on Religion 8. City: Religion Publisher.

The Bibliography should be presented in a compact form with words such as “Series,” “Press,” and “Verlag” generally omitted. Article, chapter, and book titles should have all words capitalized except non-initial definite articles, conjuctions, and prepositions. Inclusive pages numbers for all articles and chapters should be included.

8. All journal, book, and serial titles should be spelled out in full, and inclusive page numbers for articles and chapters should be given in the bibliography.

Review Process

All articles in the Journal of Religion & Society are peer-reviewed. The review process may involve three stages.

  1. Once the submission is received, the general editor will review the manuscript for quality (it meets the journal's scholarship standards), suitability (it fits within the focus of the journal), and fluency (it is written in good literary English). This process usually occurs within a week.
  2. The manuscript will be sent out for blind peer-review. The number of reviews will depend on the content of the manuscript and the judgment of the editor. This process typically takes two months, more or less, depending on the reviewers. The manuscript will be reviewed according to its content and argument, its dialogue with scholarship in the field, and its contribution to the field.
  3. After receiving feedback from the reviewers, the general editor may accept or reject the manuscript for publication, or may request revisions and a resubmission.

Essays, opinions, and review essays are editorially, but not peer, reviewed.


Agreement between the Author and the Journal of Religion & Society (JRS)

Whereas the author has written an article (construed to include short notes, reviews, and any other material published in JRS) which the Author is sole owner of the contents thereof and of all right, title, and interest therein, and it has been accepted by JRS, it is agreed as follows:

The Author hereby assigns to JRS the right to publish and distribute the said article and to create derivative work from said article. The assignment shall be effective so long as JRS is available on computer networks.

The Author's name shall appear at the beginning of the article (following the title) of said article when published.

The Author agrees to hold JRS harmless for any unauthorized use of the article subsequent to its publication by JRS in an electronic or other medium.

The Author shall remain the sole owner of the copyright in said article. The author may publish all or part of the article in any other journal or medium, but such publication must include notice that the article was first published by JRS.