In Honor of Madeline Kripke
(September 9, 1943 – April 25, 2020)

The director and faculty associates of the Rabbi Myer S. and Dorothy Kripke Center for the Study of Religion and Society, housed at Creighton University, express their condolences to the Kripke family on the passing of Madeline Kripke on April 25 in New York City.

The oldest daughter of the late Rabbi and Mrs. Kripke, the Center’s benefactors, Ms. Kripke was raised in Omaha and took on her family’s trait of deep scholarly interest, eventually becoming one of the foremost authorities on dictionaries. In the spirit of her father – who earned multiple master’s degrees and a doctorate, was the rabbi for Beth El Synagogue in Omaha for nearly three decades, and was an adjunct associate professor at Creighton in his retirement – Ms. Kripke found her passions in learning and passing that knowledge on to others. We remember and honor Ms. Kripke and the contributions that the entire Kripke family have made to Omaha and Creighton.

The Kripkes’ dedication to study and inquiry have impacted hundreds of scholars through the activities of the Kripke Center at Creighton, including publishing three dozen edited volumes of scholarship, co-sponsoring the yearly Symposium on Jewish Civilization, and bringing in numerous scholarly speakers and providing a variety forums for public engagement with the academic study of religion. While we are saddened by Ms. Kripke’s passing, the Kripke Center carries forward the work and memory of the Kripke family into future generations.

May her memory be a blessing.