ISSN: 1522-5658
Supplement 5 (2009)

Table of Contents

Women, Gender, and Religion

Edited by Susan Calef and Ronald A. Simkins, Creighton University

Charting New Territory: Religion and "the Gender-Critical Turn" (pp. 1-5)

Susan Calef, Creighton University [ Introduction ]

1. To Kneel or Not to Kneel: Gendered Nonverbal Behavior in Greek Ritual (pp. 6-20)

Christina A. Clark, Creighton University [ Chapter One ]

2. Kephalē, Coverings, and Cosmology: The Impenetrable “Logic” of 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 (pp. 21-44)

Susan Calef, Creighton University [ Chapter Two ]

3. Gender, the Environment, and Sin in Genesis (pp. 45-61)

Ronald A. Simkins, Creighton University [ Chapter Three ]

4. Persephone and Susanna in the Garden: Patriarchal Seductions of Nature and Virtue (pp. 62-75)

Barbara J. Dilly, Creighton University [ Chapter Four ]

5. Viking Quest: Rosalie Hankey Wax’s Search for Trans-Racial Spiritual Solidarity, 1921-1971 (pp. 76-89)

Heather Fryer, Creighton University [ Chapter Five ]

6. Hijab, Hip-Hop, and Haram: Identities of Shi’a Muslim College Women (pp. 90-102)

Bridget Blomfield, University of Nebraska at Omaha [ Chapter Six ]

7. The Ambiguously Gendered Ideal of a Seventeenth Century Community of Women Religious: The Visitation of Holy Mary (pp. 103-13)

Wendy Wright, Creighton University [ Chapter Seven ]

8. “The Wageless Work of Paradise”: Integrating Women into American Religious History (pp. 114-28)

Kathleen Sprows Cummings, University of Notre Dame [ Chapter Eight ]

9. The Ordained Women of the Early Church: Their Story (pp. 129-36)

Carol Osiek, Brite Divinity School [ Chapter Nine ]

10. What Does the Ordination of Women Then Mean for Women Now? (pp. 137-47)

Gary Macy, Santa Clara University [ Chapter Ten ]

11. The Wisdom of the Owls: Gender, Nature and Spirituality in the Poetry of Mary Oliver (pp. 148-54)

Bridget Keegan, Creighton University [ Chapter Eleven ]

12. The Taming of the Two: Queen Esther and Queen Vashti in Midrash (pp. 155-69)

Leonard Greenspoon, Creighton University [ Chapter Twelve ]

13. Women in the Crucible of Change: Women’s Influence on the Church in The Years 1480 to 1700 (pp. 170-86)

Eileen Burke-Sullivan, Creighton University [ Chapter Thirteen ]

14. Does the Personal Become Political? The Political Leadership of Women Clergy on Discrimination Issues (pp. 187-200)

Sue E. S. Crawford, with Kristin Zurek, Creighton University [ Chapter Fourteen ]