ISSN: 1522-5658
Supplement 3 (2008)

Table of Contents

Religion and the Environment

Edited by Ronald A. Simkins, Creighton University

An Introduction: The Legacy of Lynn White, Jr. (pp. 1-4)

Ronald A. Simkins, Creighton University [ Introduction ]

1. Religion and Environmentalism (pp. 5-26)

Charles L. Harper, Creighton University [ Chapter One ]

2. The Revolution of Evolution (pp. 27-46)

Heather Eaton, Saint Paul University, Ottawa [ Chapter Two ]

3. The End of Nature: Humans and the Natural World in the History of Creation (pp. 47-65)

Ronald A. Simkins, Creighton University [ Chapter Three ]

4. Conservationism, Preservationism, and Environmentalism: Convergent and Divergent Theological Foundations (pp. 66-95)

E. Terry Wimberley, Florida Gulf Coast University [ Chapter Four ]

5. The Persistence of Grasmere: Contemporary Catholic Environmental Theology and the Romantic Impulse (pp. 96-108)

John J. O’Keefe, Creighton University [ Chapter Five ]

6. God, Sustainability, and Beauty (pp. 109-31)

Jay McDaniel, Hendrix College [ Chapter Six ]

7. An Ecological Theology of Creaturely Kinship (pp. 132-45)

Anne M. Clifford, Duquesne University [ Chapter Seven ]

8. Unlikely Alliances: Notes On A Green Culture of Life (pp. 146-58)

Jennifer Ladino, Creighton University [ Chapter Eight ]

9. From Dominion to Stewardship? The Ecology of Biblical Translation (pp. 159-83)

Leonard Greenspoon, Creighton University [ Chapter Nine ]

10. The Creation Spirituality of Ignatius of Loyola: Still Pertinent for Life on the Fragile Planet (pp. 183-201)

Dennis Hamm, S.J., Creighton University [ Chapter Ten ]

11. Theistic Naturalism and the Politics of Nature (pp. 202-20)

Richard Fern, Branford, CT [ Chapter Eleven ]