Kenefick Chair
             Activities of the Kenefick Chair in the Humanities
        Dr. Wendy M. Wright, Chairholder

                   Books That Humanize" 
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2009 (Spring)

         Documentary Film Series by Women Filmmakers: “Women and War”
                   Feb. 10, 2009  “Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo” (Congo)
                   March 3, 2009 “To See If I’m Smiling” (Israel) 

          Spring Humanities Luncheon
                  March 27, 2009
                  Poet of Witness Carolyn Forché, Georgetown University
                 "Poetry and the Humane Life"

            Public Reading
                March 26, 2009
                Poet Carolyn Forché

        2008 (Fall )

        13th Annual Governor’s Lecture in the Humanities Nebraska Humanities Council
           Co-sponsor with UNL, UNO
               September 18, 2008 at UNL, Lincoln
               David Gergen, “Eyewitness to Power: the Essence of Leadership.” 

           Fall 2008 Faculty Friday
               Sept. 26, 2008
               John Calvert, History, "View from the Other Shore: an Islamist's View of America" 

           Documentary Film Series by Women Filmmakers: “Women and War”
               Sept. 9, 2008  “My Home Your War” (Iraq)
               Oct. 14. 2008 “My Daughter the Terrorist” (Sri Lanka)

          2008 (Spring)

Faculty Friday”

            March 14, 2008
            Dr. Brooke Stafford, English
            "The Gallows at Execution Dock and the Transforming Power of the      Thames."

          Annual Kenefick Humanities Luncheon
            April 11. 2008
            Fr. Tom Lucas, SJ, Fine Arts University of San Francisco
           "Jesuit Architecture and Sacred Space"

          Brown Bag Lunch Series: Film Series and Discussion
            “A Force More Powerful: Non-Violent Movements in the Twentieth Century”
               Feb. 4 “India” Facilitated by Dr. Roger Bergman, Justice and Peace Studies
               Feb. 12 “Poland” Facilitated by Dr. Jack Carlson, Philosophy
               Feb. 27 “South Africa” Facilitated by Dr. Aston Welch, History
               March 14 “Nashville” Facilitated by Dr. Betsy Elliot-Meisel, History
               March 26 “Denmark” Facilitated by Dr. Eileen Burke-Sullivan, Theology
               April 3 “Chile” Facilitated by Dr. Richard Super, History          

         Program Co-sponsored with Arts and Science and Classics
              March 13, 2008
              Lecture/Recital/Master Class
              Pianist John Kamitsuka

         Program Co-sponsored with Justice and Peace Studies and Cardoner at Creighton
            April 2, 2008
            Dr. Mark Chmeil, St Louis University
            “The Impassioned eye: Story of a Liberation Photo-journalist”

            2007 (Fall)
              Kenefick Fall Program, Thursday September 27, 2007
                          "Missing Young Woman: Femicide in Juarez."
                          Selections from the film by Lourdes Purtillo.
                          Panel including Amanda Flott , Amnesty International USA

              Co-sponsor Annual Nebraska Humanities Council Governor's Lecture
                          Tuesday October 2, 2007 Joslyn Art Museum
                          Michael Bechloss, "Great Presidents Past and Present"

             Faculty Friday, October 3, 2007
                           Greg Carlson, SJ, "Wise Bunnies and Dumb Asses: Aesop in America"

             Kenefick Brown Bag Noontime Event, Friday November 2, 2007
                            "Building a Bio-Fuel Based Energy Future"
                      Felipe Witchger, University of Notre Dame, Energy and Economics senior

          2007 (Spring)

Faculty Friday, February 23, 2007
                          Dr. Tracy Leavelle, History, "French Missionaries and Indigenous Peoples"  

              Kenefick Humanities Luncheon
                           April 13, 2007
                           Dr. Edward Linenthal, "Concord to 9/11: Issues in Public History 

2006 (Fall)     

           Co-sponsor of Nebraska Humanities Council Annual Governor’s Lecture
Azar Nafisi, “Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books,”
Sept. 20, 2006, 7:30 pm, Lincoln , Lied Center for Performing Arts  

            Fall Ratio Studiorum event
“Dying to Live: a Migrant’s Journey”
Sept. 21, 2006, 7pm.  SC Ballroom  

            Brown Bag Lunch series on Immigration

                    Tues. Sept. 19:  Sudanese Immigrants in Nebraska
                           Dr. Joan Mueller, Theology
                   Thurs. Sept.21: Legal Aspects of Immigration
                           Darcy Tromanhauser, Nebraska Appleseed Law 
                   Tues. Sept. 26: US Catholic Bishops & Immigration
                           Eulogio Olivo-Rivera, Hispanic Ministry Diocese of Grand Island
                   Monday Oct. 2: America: Immigration Past and Present
                           Dr. Heather Fryer, History
                   Tues. Oct. 3: Immigration in a Global Context: the case of Europe
Dr. Olaf Bolhke, Modern Languages

                 Faculty Friday
                          Dr. David Vanderboegh, "A Savoyard in India"

               2006 (Spring)

Kenefick Brown Bag Lunches: Race: the Power of an Illusion
Tues. Jan. 24: Race: a Biological Fiction
                          Wed. Feb. 1: Why Does Race Matter in America?
                          Mon. Feb. 13: Law and Discrimination
                          Thurs. Feb. 16: The Social Hierarchy of Race
                          Thurs. Feb. 23: Medical Practice and Race
                          All sessions are in SC 104 or 105 at 12:30-1:30 pm

                Kenefick Humanities Luncheon
                          March 17, 2006: Dr Nel Noddings, "Happiness and the Good Life"
                          By invitation

                Kenefick Lecture on the Humane Life in Collaboration with Collaborative Ministry
                          and the Presidents Office
                           March 21, 2006  5 pm SC Ballroom (Reception at 4:30)
                           Dr Ronald Modras, St Louis University
                           "A Family Celebration of Ignatius of Loyola, Francis Xavier and Peter Favre"   

                Kenefick Chair/Justice and Peace Studies/ Cardoner Lecture
                            March 30: 3:30 pm   SC Ballroom East
                            "The Impassioned Eye": The Story of a Liberation Photojournalist
                            Mark Chmeil, St Louis University, reading from his The Book of Mev  
                 Recital:  John Kamitsuka, Pianist  
                (with Classics and Near Eastern Studies and Arts and Science
)   April 10, 2005 Lied Center       

                Kenefick Brown Bag Lunch series- Spring 2005
                         Perspectives on the Death Penalty
                           February 2   Death Penalty in Nebraska: Eric Aspengren (NADP)  
                           February 15  Death Penalty and Human Rights: Amnesty International
                           February 23  Catholic Consistent Life Ethic: Todd Salzman, moderator
                           March 1   Pro and Con: Legal and Moral Issues: 
                                           Collin Mangrum and Richard Swenson

                Panel on the Death Penalty 
                            February 24, 2004
                            Drs. Christine Wiseman, Michael Kelly, Jeffrey Hause, Christy Hargesheimer
                            Moderator: Dr. Kevin Graham

                Kenefick Humanities Luncheon
                            April 15, 2005
                            Professor Belden Lane, Saint Louis University
                            "Are there Sacred Spaces in America?: Cultural Studies and Beyond." 

                 Kenefick Fall Presentation on the Humane Life
                             September 8, 2005
                             Sr. Diana Ortiz, The Blindfold's Eye: My Journey from Torture to Truth."                 

                 Brown Bag lunch series: Public Poems/Private Poems 
                             Sept. 22 (Thurs) Susan Aizenberg
                             Sept. 27 (Tues) Jinmei Yuan
                             Oct. 5 (Wed) Tim Austin                    

                Kenefick Brown Bag Lunch series - Spring 2004
                          Humane Relationships: Love
                           January 29    Susan Aizenberg: "Women's Love Poetry"
                           February 18  Dr. Richard White: "The Philosophy of Love"
                           February 24  Dr. Michael Lawler: "Marriage and the Catholic Church"

               Kenefick Humanities Luncheon
                           Professor Marilyn Fischer, University of Dayton
                           "Addams on Community and Cosmopolitanism"
                            April 20, 2004

               Co-sponsor of Annual Meeting of Society for Social Philosophy
                            Held on Creighton Campus, July 2004

               Co-sponsor Nebraska Governor's Lecture
                            September 7, 2004
                            University of Nebraska at Lincoln
               Fall Kenefick Presentation on the Humane Life
                           "Discovering Dominga" Film and Discussion
                            September 16, 2004
                            Creighton University

               Brown Bag Lunch Series on the Humane Life
                             "Who's Afraid of Poetry?"  Susan Aizenberg, English
                             November 2, 2004   SC Ballroom West
                             "Crediting Poetry". Dr. David Gardiner, English
                             November 10, 2004  SC 104              

                Kenefick Panel on the Humane Life
                             "Genocide in Sudan and Omaha"
                              November 17, 2004  SC 104               


             Kenefick Brown Bag Lunch Series - Spring 2003
                       Video series: "A Force More Powerful: 
                       Non-violent Movements in the Twentieth Century"
                       January 21, February 10, February 25,
                       March 17, April 3, April 14
                       Creighton Student Center 104

             Kenefick Humanities Luncheon
                        Prof. Thee Smith, Emory University
                       "The Non-violent Life as a Humane Life"
                        March 25, 2003
                        Creighton Student Center Ballroom

              Co-sponsor (with Nebraska Humanities Council)
                       Nebraska Governor's Lecture
                        Joslyn Art Museum, Witherspoon Concert Hall
                       September 17, 2003           

              Fall Kenefick Presentation on the Humane Life
                        Team from L'Arche Community, Clinton Iowa
                        September 22, 2003, 7 pm
                          Creighton Student Union

              Kenefick Brown Bag Lunch series -fall 2003
                          "Humane Communities"
                           September 22  L'Arche Community
                           October 28      Maureen Waldron: Living with People with Disabilities
                           11:30-1, SC 104                         

              Nebraska Book Festival
                         DVD/book display: "Books That Humanize"
                         October 24-25, 2003
                         Creighton University Student Center
                                                   View interviews with Humanities faculty  

Co-sponsor of "Saints Alive! 
                        Rediscovering Heroes and Holy Ones for Today"
                        Creighton University, November 9, 2002     


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