Activities of the Kenefick Chair in the Humanities
        Dr. Wendy M. Wright, Professor of Theology
          John C. Kenefick Faculty Chair in the Humanities

                 the humanities - those studies that
Humanize us

         "Books That Humanize" 2003 Creighton University
           Creighton University Theology Faculty discuss their books
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     Hamm  Hauser  Kelly  Lawler Mueller  Reno  Roddy Salzman Simkins Wright  

Fr. Dennis Hamm, SJ
                       Fr. Richard Hauser, SJ
                        Dr. Thomas Kelly
                       Dr. Michael Lawler
                      Dr. Joan Mueller
                       Dr. Russell Reno
                       Dr. Nicolae Roddy
                       Dr. Todd Salzman
                      Dr. Ronald Simkins

Dr. Wendy M. Wright, Interviewer 

"Books That Humanize" is a DVD created 
                       for the 2003 Nebraska Book Festival held on the 
                       campus of Creighton University 

                       Videography and editing by Tom Sanchez 
                       Thanks to Creighton Media Services
                                              Department of Journalism and Mass 
                                              Dean Timothy Austin, Arts and Science
                                              Fr. Don Doll, SJ
                                              Dr. Brent Spencer
                  The interviews above are ten of twenty seven interviews
                              given by Creighton Humanities faculty on the DVD. 
                                   Links to other interviews:
English faculty     
French faculty
                                                                                               German faculty
                                                                                               Philosophy faculty: Murray

2003 Creighton University  


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