Complex Walls

The Industrial Complex lies inside an area bounded by fence walls, which are preserved to an average height of about 1 meter. According to Hirschfeld, the original height of the wall would have been about 2 meters, more than the height of an average person; however one must remain cautious in speculating how high a structure no longer standing may once have been, especially something as arbitrary as a fence wall. The southern end of the western fence wall connects to the northwest corner of the main building and is some 12 meters long. The northern fence wall runs perpendicularly from the northern corner and runs some 17 meters eastward, and then angles south for a preserved length of just 3 meters. This wall comes into view as the VR movie pans over the complex and along the base of the hills until you see the palm trees toward the north. The total area enclosed by the fence wall enclosure, which excavators suggest may have been an outer yard or an agricultural plot, is about 2,000 square meters.

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